Multilingual Emails

Use what you know about your customer to determine language preferences. Then adjust or translate email content based on those preferences.


Talking to customers is one thing. Speaking their language is another.

In a global economy, reaching a multilingual customer base is crucial. There’s also a big difference between talking to customers in a language they understand and speaking their language.

With the multilingual messaging capabilities in Adobe Campaign, you can create variations of an email in the languages your customers use. By assigning a preferred language to audience profiles, you’ll create memorable and authentic connections with your customers, no matter their native language or location.


See what makes it work

Multilingual templates
Create emails, SMS, and push notifications that speak to audiences based on their preferred language profile information.

Test and validate
Use an email proof to test a specific message before sending it to the main target. Send as many proofs as necessary until you’ve finalized the content, and preview each message in its local language variation.

Multilingual SMS and push
Use our multilingual template to manage multilingual SMS messages in a standalone mode, within a workflow, or in a recurring delivery.

Adobe Experience Manager integration
Connect Campaign with Adobe Experience Manager for expanded translation capabilities and asset management efficiencies in a large, global marketing program.

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Talk the talk, walk the walk.

Learn more about creating multilingual emails by defining audience and using multilingual templates in our documentation.

Get more details in this Adobe Campaign documentation.