Personalization at Scale for Travel and Hospitality

In travel and hospitality, it pays to personalize.

Personalization at Scale: Travel and Hospitality Industry Spotlight explores the challenges — and payoffs — motivating travel and hospitality companies to accelerate adoption of personalization programs. Learn more in this Adobe-commissioned Forrester Consulting research study.

Personalization efforts are paying off for travel and hospitality companies, but customer demands are high.

Forrester’s research delivers key findings into personalization efforts, such as how:

  • Travel and hospitality decision makers consider personalization programs essential to reestablishing connections with their customer base.
  • Customers want to be delighted, yet fewer than 40% give travel and hospitality companies high marks on personalization before and after transactions.
  • Travel and hospitality companies must focus on developing personalization across data, content, and omnichannel orchestration.

Want more than just travel and hospitality trends? Get the 2022 Personalization at Scale study.

Uncover the trends driving personalized experiences in 2022 — and how you can stay one step ahead.

Personalization at Scale for Travel and Hospitality.