Mobile Optimisation

Test and personalise the mobile web and app experiences based on user behaviour and mobile context. Deliver interactions that engage and convert through iterative testing as well as rules-based and AI-powered personalisation.


Small screen, big opportunities.

Your audience is increasingly mobile and they’re looking for experiences that meet their real-time wants, needs and expectations wherever they are. It’s a big enough order on desktop, but it can be even more challenging on the ever-evolving array of mobile devices. And mastering that challenge is more central to your success than ever before.

With the comprehensive mobile optimisation capabilities in Adobe Target, you are empowered to deliver the mobile interactions your customers crave. Your teams can build testing and personalisation in the mobile app using our three-step visual editor. Leverage user- and mobile-centric insights to tailor the right experiences for your customers’ hands.


See what makes it work.

Personalised recommendations
Easily create, test and power item or content recommendations within mobile apps and sites.

Cross-channel profile
Take advantage of a profile that progressively collects interaction data from one touchpoint to another for seamless personalisation across the customer journey.

Analytics-enhanced audiences and reporting
Deepen analysis of your testing and personalisation activities in Adobe Target using Adobe Analytics data with a bi-directional, server-side integration. Use mobile specific metrics to optimise and tailor mobile web and app experiences, maximising the potential of each critical interaction.

A/B and multivariate testing
Test design, content and offers to serve your customers the most effective and engaging mobile app and site experiences.

Rules-based personalisation
Tailor the experiences you deliver to mobile audiences based not only on their behaviour and profile, but on their device itself, including as operating system, screen size, orientation, geolocation, touch-enabled functions and more.

AI-driven personalisation
Engage audiences and individuals with mobile experiences that convert with machine learning capabilities powered by Adobe Sensei.


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