Develop a growth mindset through creativity.

Making the most of a hidden business asset.

They’re the tried and trusted tools of business — capital, business process, and technology – and virtually every company knows how to use them. So how do you differentiate and grow your business using something your competitors haven’t yet tried?

Develop and apply a radical fourth tool – creativity.

Tapping into your employees’ inherent creativity encourages a way of thinking and working that will improve your organisation’s problem-solving abilities. It will also energise your people, processes, and ultimately, your products and services.

Everyone is creative. It’s not just a gift given to a chosen few. Adopt the right mindset, conditions and practices, and the power of creativity can become an ‘operating principle’ that applies everywhere and costs almost nothing to implement.

Capitalise on this hidden asset, by reading Forrester’s research report; Creativity Catalyses a Growth Mindset. It provides the insight you need to increase your people’s individual and collective talent, both for solving problems and helping your business grow.

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