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What we offer.

Actionable data that drives real-time personalisation.


Customer journey analytics.

Easy analysis of connected data.


Real-time customer data platform.

Customer data management for great customer experiences.


Privacy and governance.

Privacy and governance controls for today and tomorrow.



What we offer

Actionable data that drives real-time personalisation at scale.

Today, simply having a lot of data is not enough. To meet the needs of ever-changing customer expectations in an ever changing digital world, businesses need the right data pulled from the most relevant data sources in real time. And it needs to be widely accessible across the organisation.

This is where the power of Adobe Experience Platform and Adobe Experience Cloud products come in.
Here’s how.

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Learn how to succeed in a world without third-party cookies.

Read our take on using first-party data to improve personalisation and lifetime value in a cookieless world.

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Customer journey analytics

Easy analysis of connected data that shows the entire customer journey.

Our analytics and data management products help you to break down both data and organisational silos. By stitching together data from across the customer journey into a single view, we give you insights into customer behaviour based on every single interaction, even those that just happened. That data is also available for training AI/ML models optimised for attribution, contribution analysis, personalisation and testing.

And all this data and analysis is easily shared with any team or system that needs it, democratising access to data across your entire organisation.

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Real-time customer data platform

Leading customer data management for great customer experiences.

Adobe Real-Time CDP makes scaling personalisation easy by bringing all your disconnected data to life. With real-time, actionable profiles made from cross-channel data, you can move quickly from insights to action. You can also market confidently, knowing patented data governance and privacy tools are working to protect policies as well as customer preferences, while giving teams the information they need.

With Real-Time CDP, your organisation can build lasting bonds with customers through respectful, real-time experiences tailored just to them — any time, any place and on any channel.

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Privacy and governance

Privacy and governance controls for today and tomorrow.

We help both marketers and IT teams simplify the complexity of their data management and activation, especially when it comes to crucial issues like privacy and governance.

Our data products let you combine authenticated and anonymous data without sacrificing privacy. And enterprise permissions make it easy to ensure proper use of sensitive data across even the most matrixed organisations.

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Work smarter with artificial intelligence.

Customer-centric AI makes working smarter not harder more than just an overused saying. Built specifically for marketers, analysts and content creators, AI from Adobe Sensei lets teams do more in less time. With native AI capabilities in Adobe Experience Cloud applications, AI is immediately available when you need it most, helping teams find and reach more customers, optimising experiences and automating everyday workflows.

Designed with your customers in mind, Adobe Sensei lets you turn insights in to action quickly and at scale. Smarter tools, happier customers, a better bottom line.

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“Adobe was a critical part of our technology solution when our customers needed us the most.”

Vineet Mehra
Former Global Chief Marketing Officer, Walgreens Boots Alliance

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