Dynamic Content

Deliver personalised content on a one-to-one basis based on the rules you set for each recipient.


One message. Countless ways to say it.

No two customers have to receive the same message. But that doesn’t mean you have to manually create all the different versions yourself. To get the most out of every email marketing campaign, Adobe Campaign gives you a way to deliver customised content that speaks to customers on their level.

With Adobe Campaign, display different types of content customised for each recipient using a single email template. In your transactional emails, such as purchase confirmation or basket abandonment emails, include product listings information for each individual within a single email template.


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Product Listings (NEW)
Simply drag and drop names, images, price and descriptions of items purchased or added to the basket in transactional emails.
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Define rules
Ensure that recipients receive different messages according to the rules that you decide. Create and preview campaigns with dynamic content within each type of message.

Use an expression editor to define the order of priority for dynamic content, ensuring that the most important content reaches the right customers.

Adobe Target integration
Create more relevant emails with contextual content by integrating Campaign with Adobe Target. Ensure that your viewers see the best message for their needs with contextual content based on when and where they open the email.
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