Asset Insights

Know which assets perform best without having to rely on your analytics team. Data insights are surfaced to users of the DAM so marketers can see how content performs in different situations and quickly optimise it. Easy, centralised reporting includes asset engagement, consumption and interaction.


Know what’s working and what isn’t.

We all want to know how our customer experiences are performing. Which assets are working well. What could use improvement. Where our experiences are being consumed. Analysing the success of any marketing effort requires the ability to measure key performance indicators (KPIs) across all channels. But when you’re producing a large volume of content, getting the data you need — and driving actionable insights from this information — isn't all that easy.

With asset insights, detailed reporting from within the DAM helps you to analyse how different assets are performing in different situations — without relying on IT. This gives you the information you need to quickly optimise those that need improvement. With centralised reporting related to KPIs, asset performance and engagement, you’ll have greater visibility and be able to generate a variety of reports. So you can use the insights to create digital experiences that connect with customers. This helps you to make intelligent decisions so you can increase the ROI on expensive asset creation efforts, as well as reuse assets that have performed well in similar situations. And you can do it all with Experience Manager Assets.


See what makes it work.

See what makes it work.
Customisable interface
Customise the asset insights feature to meet your needs. The intuitive report management interface includes options that enable you control access to archived reports and view report run statuses, such as successes and failures.

Streamlined reporting
Use Asset Insights to generate a variety of reports around your digital assets. The reports provide useful information about how your assets are being used, how users are interacting with them and which assets are being downloaded and shared.

DAM integration
Combine your digital asset management (DAM) system with Asset Insights to get reports on the data you already have.

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Gain more asset insight.

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Understand your digital asset reports.

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