Single-page app optimization

Test, optimize, and personalize the customer experience for your single-page apps.

A single page packed with endless possibilities.

Digital is moving forward faster than ever, and website experiences are crucial to keeping your customers around. Part of delivering a great website experience is being able to update content on a web page without reloading the entire site — something that’s simple in nature but can be difficult in execution.

Single-page app optimization in Adobe Target makes it simple to optimize great site experiences so they are dynamic, interactive, and more user-friendly. Your teams can build testing and personalization into these these dynamic websites using our three-step visual editor. Single-page applications (SPAs) power your dynamic websites, and Adobe Target can help you optimize every experience in them.

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Visual Experience Composer for SPAs
Follow the three steps guided workflow to create the testing or personalization, target the audience, and build the report to track the key metrics for both your standard websites and single page apps.

Industry-first, custom-built library
Our Adobe Target JavaScript library (at.js) has specific enhancements to better support SPAs. It makes your SPA implementation faster, safer, and flicker free.

Omnichannel optimization with single delivery platform
Deploy your SPAs on either the client side or server side. Our single delivery platform powers our client-side Javascript library as well as the server-side optimization API for you to run all the testing and personalization activities across every critical touchpoint.

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Discover visual experience composer.

Visit the Target help page to learn more about how the Visual Experience Composer for SPAs helps you personalize content and create tests.

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Get to know JavaScript.

Learn about JavaScript and how it helps support SPAs in our Javascript library FAQ.

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Mobile optimization

Test and personalize the mobile web and app experiences based on user behavior and mobile context. Deliver interactions that engage and convert through interactive testing as well as rules-based and AI-powered personalization.

Server-side optimization

Use the Adobe Target server-side API to run your testing and personalization on the server side or run your client-side javascript code on our node.js environment. All powered by the single-delivery platform.

Profiles and segmentation

Bring together time spent on site, browser history, age, gender, loyalty status, and more with Adobe Target. Then store it all in one progressive profile. Import your own data, like CRM, into the profile for an even larger understanding of your customer.

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