Content personalization

Create content at scale while still treating customers as individuals with AI-powered content personalization.


There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all.

As the competition for your customer’s attention heats up, a universal website experience leaves users feeling like one among a million, rather than one in a million. They expect every interaction with a brand to feel personal.

Adobe Marketo Engage helps you manage, deliver, and optimize personalized content that always feels fresh and relevant. It empowers you to test the performance of multiple versions of web and email experiences, learning what content works best and automatically optimizing in real time to increase conversion. With the help of Marketo Engage you can make every interaction feel like a conversation between close friends.


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Asset management

  • Ensure consistency across channels by managing images and assets for all your engagement programs directly in Marketo Engage.
  • Integrate with Adobe Experience Manager Assets to adjust and touch up images before launch.

Advanced dynamic content

  • Build email, web, and landing page experiences that dynamically update content in real time.
  • Personalize design templates based on your audience segments and engagement levels.

A/B/n testing

  • Test every element of your emails down to the subject line, then automatically send the best performing email.
  • Track page views and form completions on web pages to compare conversation rates of different variants.
  • Create custom fields and calculated measures to build specific reports that meet your unique reporting needs.

Predictive content

  • Use Adobe Sensei AI to analyze the performance of different assets across different audiences.
  • Learn which content works best for each customer in real-time and automatically optimize experiences to give you the best results.

Advanced personalization

  • Create one-to-one moments with customers in any channel using custom data token scripting that automatically adjusts your messaging based on any audience attribute.

Content recommendations

  • Test a variety of content recommendations for anonymous and known audiences to drive engagements and diversify how you recommend content.
  • Tap into Adobe Sensei machine learning for further insights into your content by analyzing performance and offering recommendations to increase conversions.

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Make every interaction more impactful.

To truly connect with your customers, personalization is no longer optional. In The Definitive Guide to Web Personalization you’ll learn how to create more relevant, impactful content that feels truly personal.

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