Digital signage at the speed of culture.

Optus customises its in-store customer experience with Adobe Experience Manager Screens.



Sydney, Australia


Boosts company revenue by increasing engagement and conversions in retail shops



Bring personalised digital marketing approach to retail shops through digital signage

Increase flexibility and time to market for creating digital signage displays

Increase engagement and conversions through rich and relevant visuals in retail shops


Creates targeted, localised campaigns for shops and regions to increase customer engagement

Reduces costs of digital signage to expand production and increase personalisation

Boosts company revenue by increasing engagement and conversions in retail shops

Promotions using in-store screens can be created in hours, not months

Chris Smith

Vice President Digital, Optus

Real-world digital marketing

Targeted, personalised digital marketing is quickly becoming the norm on websites, social media channels, mobile apps and paid search ads. But some retail shops are discovering ways to bring targeted messaging into the real world through digital signage.

One such leading edge company is Singtel Optus Pty Limited. Operating under the Optus brand, it is the second largest telecommunications company in Australia, delivering mobile, broadband, cable television, and telephone services to millions of homes and businesses. The company decided that it needed a way to stand out and draw customers into physical shops by reinventing its retail experience.

Optus had already replatformed its website to Adobe Experience Manager, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, to bring greater flexibility and agility to its website. When looking for ways to transform digital signage possibilities and enhance the in-store experience for customers, the company turned to another Adobe capability: Adobe Experience Manager Screens.

With Experience Manager Screens, Optus can use the familiar component sharing capabilities and intuitive interfaces of Experience Manager Sites to quickly create, update and even personalise digital signage that improves customer engagement and conversion.

Creating nuanced digital signage

Before Experience Manager Screens, digital signage production was fragmented across external agencies and multiple internal departments. It could take weeks or even months to plan, produce and propagate digital signage due to multiple rounds of review cycles.

Experience Manager Screens is simple to use, which allows in-house team members to create and change signage without the cost and time associated with external agencies. Staff simply arrange and edit individual components into templates. They can reuse digital assets, including those created for online campaigns or the website. Optus can even register, manage and monitor the signage playing on Google Chromebox media players, directly through Experience Manager Screens, reducing the need to switch between multiple platforms.

With in-house teams working on Experience Manager Screens, Optus can create digital signage in a fraction of the time and stay on top of customer trends. For example, when Australia voted “Yes” on the issues of marriage equality, Optus delivered a marriage equality campaign to shops within hours. Working with components also empowers Optus to easily create dynamic customer messages for each of its 350 retail locations.

“Millions of customers pass through our retail shops every year,” says Chris Smith, Vice President Digital, Optus. “By transforming our approach to digital signage, we can react to consumer trends at the speed of culture and increase conversions and revenue for our company.”

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