Focus on engagement not maintenance — with Managed Cloud Services

Communicating with your customers through multiple marketing channels can work for you or against you. When the different channels aren’t working together, there’s only noise and confusion. When they’re synchronised, they combine to give your customers a powerful and complementary experience with your brand.

Keep your campaigns moving and your teams agile

Customers are — and will always be — a moving target. To keep reaching them, marketers must be nimble and have the ability to act quickly. However, from concept to delivery, campaigns are often slowed by cross-team workflows. It’s not enough for marketing to create a campaign, IT teams need to get in there and work their magic to ensure cross-channel delivery optimisation. IT must also ensure customer privacy, manage security issues that cause system disruptions and to minimise down time from regular maintenance. This strains both team, but more importantly, it shifts resources away from customer experiences to operations — a costly shift.

Adobe can help

With Managed Cloud Service, cloud-based automations reduce dependence on IT and streamline day-to-day maintenance, while a team of experts focus on your goals to optimise workflows. The result is increased productivity and a reduced cost of ownership.

Our service team maps to your KPIs and advises on strategy, workflows, best practices, while providing ongoing monitoring to prevent disruptions, resolve incidents faster and provide continuous improvement. You also get help from Campaign engineers who help optimise your functional, technical and deliverability needs, while reducing deployment risks and improving change management.

Finally, because it’s based in the cloud, you get automated updates, extensibility to new technology and the highest level of security. This all means reduced down time, better performance and ability to land your campaigns where ever your customers are.

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