Collaborate across teams or across the globe, all from one application

Collaboration leads to the best outcomes, but distributed teams, system silos and the pace of work can hinder the ability to come together. Workfront’s collaboration capabilities let various teams and stakeholders plan, execute and monitor projects in real-time.


Getting up to speed slows everyone down

With teams spread out across the country or the world, working together rarely happens together, especially when you add contractors with limited access to internal systems to the mix. This means collaboration often happens across email chains, chat apps, in-person meetings and more. Because all these tools don’t talk to each other, staying on the same page is difficult, leading to miscommunication and delays as team members spend valuable time catching up.

You need digital collaboration software that empowers your teams — no matter who they are or where they are — to create high-quality work together with speed and efficiency. From social media-inspired collaboration tools to automations that streamline review workflows, the right collaboration solution helps break down silos and accelerates delivery of high-quality work.

Adobe can help

Adobe can help

Adobe Workfront is an enterprise work management solution that seamlessly integrates your collaborative tools into a centralised location so everyone has equal, real-time visibility into the status of a project. Here’s how Workfront keeps your teams informed and collaborative at every stage of a project:

Centralised communication
With real-time communication consolidated into a single location, every member of your team has visibility into how a project is progressing, even if they’re away from their desktop.

Seamless integrations
Connect your current business apps such as Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Creative Cloud — even CRMs and financial applications — with out-of-the-box, codeless integrations or standard REST and SOAP APIs so work flows seamlessly from one app to the next.

Streamlined reviews
A centralised online review and approval process notifies stakeholders when feedback is needed and lets them comment and mark up directly within Workfront, giving everyone visibility into the requested changes.

Real-time strategy alignment
Eliminate wasted efforts and keep your teams up to date with shifting priorities and expectations so they know what they should be working on and when.

CHG Healthcare

“Managers and requestors have the freedom to go into Workfront, see a project request, make an update, ask a question and update or view task status. Before, they’d have to hunt somebody down to find out what was happening.”



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