Adobe Sensei

Intelligent experiences start with Adobe Sensei.

Customer expectations shift constantly, and you need to understand and deliver what they want. With Adobe Sensei powering features in Adobe Experience Cloud, you gain a more comprehensive view of your customers — so you can deliver more personalized, timely experiences they expect.

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Play video for delivering personalised experiences

Deliver personalised experiences

Automatically create truly personal journeys and customised recommendations.

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Play video for tapping into predictive analytics

Tap into predictive analytics

Run simulations, get customised spend recommendations and uncover insights with ready-to-use forecasting tools.

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Play video for optimising your ad spend

Optimise your ad spend

Get a broad view of your advertising channels to balance and optimise your spending. 

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“With Adobe Sensei, we’re drawing a direct link from customer intelligence to personalised experiences that are valuable and relevant.”

Rob McLaughlin, Head of Digital Decisioning and Analytics, Sky UK

Meet AI — your new best friend.

Humans require a personal touch when it comes to experiences — and AI makes that even easier, helping marketers unlock powerful human insights. In fact, 85% of companies say AI will give them a competitive advantage in the future. Learn more in our article AI: Your Behind-the-Scenes Marketing Companion to see why marketers and AI can work hand in hand to achieve greater results than ever before.

Adobe Advertising Cloud

Advertising made smarter.

Sometimes, advertising feels like you’re taking shots in the dark — trying to plan media buys just right for the right audience. Adobe Sensei in Adobe Advertising Cloud turns the proverbial light on, so you can get the whole picture and plan accordingly, making real-time decisions along the way.

Get insight into the impact of different budget scenarios on predicted outcomes, including clicks, conversions and revenue.


See how to best allocate your advertising budgets across different campaigns to most efficiently meet your goals.


Continuously monitor campaign performance to optimise the delivery and effectiveness of ads in order to meet — and exceed — campaign goals.


Find new high-value audiences by mapping users, sites and categories based on algorithmic segments to uncover clusters of users similar to “seed users.”


Create linear national TV plans that have a higher-than-industry-standard likelihood of delivering when measured against Nielsen ratings.


Automatically adjust your budget across a large number of targeting criteria to ensure overall viewability goals are met.


Efficiently test multiple assets by evaluating incoming user characteristics and available creative attributes — and then automatically apply an impression volume to optimise the desired objective of a campaign.

Adobe Analytics

Get from data to insights faster with AI.

Your customers generate huge amounts of data each day, so you need machine learning that understands what matters most. Adobe Sensei in Adobe Analytics helps you do just that — so you can truly analyse your data and uncover the rich customer insights beneath. And then you can act on it.

Separate the signal from the noise and identify which statistical fluctuations matter — and which don’t.


Identify potential causes or contributing factors for significant changes in trend data and anomalies.


Identify and prioritise the most critical alerts across all your data.


Automatically find overlap and similarity in existing segments to optimise ad spend and ROI.


Intelligently identify distinct and actionable groups of valuable customers and prospects.


Predict whether customers and prospects are most likely to perform an action, such as convert, churn or respond.


Objectively determine the fractional impact of each marketing touchpoint along a customer’s journey toward conversion.

Adobe Audience Manager

More intelligent data management.

Managing audience profiles is a tall task, especially when you’re juggling huge amounts of customer data. Adobe Sensei in Adobe Audience Manager streamlines the entire process, helping you to build unique audience profiles so you can identify your most valuable segments. And then use them across any channel.

Find new high-value audiences by mapping users, sites and categories based on algorithmic segments to uncover clusters of users similar to “seed users.”


Surface real-time audience data from online and off-line sources to deliver reach projections for accelerated campaign planning at an audience segment level.


Surface similar traits in real time so customers can expand their segments quickly.

Adobe Campaign

Let AI guide your customer journeys.

Customers expect smooth, personalised journeys from their very first interaction with your brand all the way through conversion. To deliver that kind of experience, you need robust campaign management powered by AI. Adobe Sensei in Adobe Campaign helps you to understand what customers will respond to, so you can improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Recommend content for subject lines to improve email performance based on predicted open rates for emails.

Adobe Experience Manager

Smarter content management and delivery for better experiences.

Delivering great experiences takes strategic planning, creative thinking and flawless execution. To make this process even better, Adobe Sensei powers several features within Adobe Experience Manager — so you can deliver intelligent, personalised experiences across all your channels. And you’ll get better ROI for your spend on assets — finding what you need faster, keeping up with the demand for personalised experiences and handling the complexity of audiences, devices and channels.

Automatically tag images and deliver better findability — so you can find your assets in a snap.


Create a shorter version of a master text, in order to produce variations for different marketing channels more quickly and speed up content velocity.


Identify the most active and knowledgeable content creators who contribute significantly within an online community, so you can keep in touch and reward them to ultimately encourage end-users.


Automatically detect and crop the focal point in any image or video, capturing the intended point of interest, regardless of screen size.


Look for visually similar assets in the repository, improving discoverability within the repository.

Adobe Experience Platform

Machine learning meets customer data.

Today, many customer data platforms (CDPs) fall short of their goal — to deliver engaging, intelligent experiences. With the help of Adobe Sensei, Adobe Experience Platform can do what most CDPs can do — and then do so much more. Access and tune machine-learning models powered by Adobe Sensei in Experience Platform Data Science Workspace that help you to surface insights and predictions. So you can make decisions faster and experiences better.

Use Adobe Sensei models for time series data to perform forecasting, so you can scale system resources based on anticipated usage, identify changes in behavioural patters and forecast revenue.

Statistical modelling and machine learning that automatically finds unexpected anomalies in your data. It combs through vast amounts of data to immediately identify factors that are affecting your business.

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Marketo Engage

Predictive engagement with powerful AI.

B2B marketing is getting smarter and faster. Adobe Sensei helps you to keep up, powering predictive capabilities within Marketo Engage to help marketers deliver intelligent, innovative experiences.

Predictive Content uses machine learning and predictive analytics to automatically recommend the right content to the right prospect based on firmographic, visitor and behaviour profiles on web and email.

Predictive Audiences for events uses firmographic, visitor and behaviour profiles to intelligently identify those most likely to register, attend or watch on-demand content as part of your events strategy allowing you to predict results up front and throughout the campaign.

Adobe Target

Authentic personalisation is better with AI.

Personalisation at scale requires leading-edge technology and powerful AI. Adobe Sensei in Adobe Target eliminates the guesswork, so that you can move ahead with your personalisation goals — knowing confidently that you’re delivering the best possible experience every time.

Combine messages or offers and match different variations to each visitor based on their individual customer profile, delivering highly personalised content.


Identify a winner among two or more experiences being tested and automatically reallocate more traffic to the winner. This increases conversions while the test continues to learn as it runs, dynamically adjusting traffic to maximise gains.


Quickly deliver an unlimited number of personalised customer experience variations across your digital properties by determining the best experience for each customer and continuously optimising it as consumers take actions.


Display products or content that might interest consumers based on previous user activity, such as previous views or purchases, to create cross-sell and upsell opportunities.


Provides more information on how the Target personalisation models behind Automated Personalisation and AutoTarget activities personalise visitor traffic.  Automated Segments shows how different automated segments defined by Target's personalisation models responded to the offers/experiences in the activity. Important Attributes shows the top attributes that influenced the model and their relative importance.

Success Stories



Epson discovers patterns to create better experiences using Adobe Sensei in Adobe Experience Cloud.


Mainline Menswear

Mainline Menswear increased both their return on ad spend and sales by using Adobe Sensei in Adobe Advertising Cloud.

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Adobe Sensei provides continuous intelligence for Adobe Experience Platform.

Adobe Sensei is the intelligence layer for Adobe Experience Platform, powering personalisation for customer experiences. By automating mundane or repetitive tasks and understanding and predicting customer data, Adobe Sensei provides ongoing intelligence that enhances your ability through Adobe Experience Platform to power real-time, personalised customer experiences.