Multivariate Testing

Test multiple elements simultaneously — including image, layout, background color, copy, and so on — to not only find the the most effective combination, but to understand which elements are contributing the most to customer success.

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When people land on your site, they’re taking it all in, all at once. And while testing individual elements has its place, it’s just as important to test how all the elements come together to create a compelling experience. Not only does this help you deliver the best experience every time, it offers new options for further testing and insight.

In Adobe Target, our multivariate testing gives you this comprehensive view of everything — the images, layouts, and more. Test combinations of elements with the same ease as an A/B test. And with out-of-the-box reporting, you can quickly see the best and worst performing combinations, so you can iterate and respond quickly. At the same time, you can understand how each element mixes, mingles, and impacts the overall customer experience, which allows you to focus your efforts where they’ll really matter.

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Three-step guided workflow
Use our visual experience composer and the same easy workflow you use for A/B testing to build multiple tests automatically for multiple audiences.

Full factorial testing
We offer full factorial multivariate tests and make it easy for you to exclude combinations that don’t make sense.

Determine the drivers
Our element contribution report gives you specific insight on which elements of your test are having the greatest impact, allowing you to design and run even more specific tests to better define the experience.

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Learn what makes a good multivariate test and when you should use an A/B test instead in our documentation.

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Watch a step-by-step demo of how to set up and use multivariate tests in our Help section.

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Learn how to create a multivariate test.

See how to create a multivariate test, when to use them, and how they work in this video tutorial.

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