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Powerful personalization. 

How brands keep customers coming back.

Think about the last time someone gave you just the right gift — for no reason at all. And without asking you to name your favorite author, most-visited café, or most wished-for wine. Moments like these make you feel special. Understood. Ready to tell your friends all about it.

Now imagine how your customers would feel if you did the same for them. Not just a few. Every. Single. One. Engagement would skyrocket. Loyalty would abound. And the value of your business would rise exponentially.

Taking personalization to its deepest levels helps you realize value more quickly by delivering engaging, customized experiences to more people than ever before. And when your engine is powered by artificial intelligence, you can reach your goals with less manual effort.

Alas, personalizing interactions at this level seems like a far-off dream. Your current tools require manual inputs. Your budgets are squeezed. And you have no idea how to get started—even on a small scale. You wish you could just press a button and let a personalization engine take care of it all.

Informed by customer preferences and behaviors, companies like T-Mobile, The Royal Bank of Scotland, and Informatica are using real-time analytics, testing, and optimization to make their customers feel special in ways and numbers never before seen. With today’s personalization capabilities, you can do the same.


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Feel the power of personalization.

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Deliver the experiences customers want.
Get to know what your customers want, and then give it to them—every time they interact with your brand. From knowing their favorite sports team, to understanding how they search on your website, integrated customer data helps you deliver highly relevant interactions, regardless of device or channel.

Build business value with targeted interactions.
A better experience entices customers to take the actions that meet their goals—and yours. By targeting experiences based on customer preferences and behaviors, you’ll make it easier for customers to get what they need. The payoff for you is more clicks, higher conversions, and stronger loyalty.

Personalize at scale with artificiaI intelligence.
When your marketing department has few resources, reaching hundreds of people on a personalized level just isn’t possible. With artificial intelligence and machine learning, you can automatically personalize experiences for every customer based on the interactions that resonate with them most.

Deliver the experiences customers want.

Sky UK Limited
London, UK

Relevant content helps reach millions of customers on a personal level.

Sky UK is Europe’s leading entertainment and communications business, connecting 22 million customers and 11 million households through its telecommunications brands. Facing rising competition, they aimed to increase market share while maintaining customer loyalty. To reach their goals, they needed to deliver the most relevant content, messaging, and experiences to existing and prospective customers.

One of the challenges Sky UK faced was the inability to go beyond analyzing customers at a household level to reach the individual user. Previously, the company was limited to analyzing data around what a household watches, such as sports, action films, cartoons, and reality TV. With the help of Adobe Target, Sky UK can now connect with each individual in a household based on their preferences and behavior, such as which television shows they like to watch, or which teams they root for when checking sports scores on their mobile app.

Now marketers can offer personalized interactions that increase reach and returns, such as putting sports scores front and center on a mother’s mobile app, or alerting a teenage son about a new blockbuster available for rent.

Robert McLaughlin headshot

“We believe that relevant experiences delivered through the right channel are essential to building customer loyalty.”

Robert McLaughlin
Head of Digital Analytics, Sky UK

Moved beyond household targeting to deliver personalized interactions to individual customers.
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Dublin, Ireland

Personalized mobile app experiences build engagement and loyalty.

When Vodafone, one of the world’s leading mobile service providers, sought to increase growth in the Irish market, the company knew they had to get more personal with their customers. So they set goals around improving customer relationships, including boosting customer satisfaction and engagement. In order to reach those goals, the company developed a mobile app designed to give customers as much control as possible over their plans and the tools to manage them.

The challenge Vodafone faced was to refine the app so it could speak to the broadest audience possible, while personalizing interactions so customers would find the app useful. With Adobe Target, the company uses data from segments like business, contract, and pay-as-you-go customers to deliver targeted interactions, such as in-app and push messages. For example, while contract and business customers may receive messages about new phone releases or ways to optimize their plans, pay-as-you-go customers might receive messages about discounted voice, data, and text packages.

More than 200,000 monthly active users now visit the revised Vodafone Ireland app to pay bills, monitor usage, and view personalized promotions, earning it the highest engagement marks, by percentage, over Vodafone apps in other European markets.

Brian Corish headshot

“Customers have come back to the app again and again because they find it truly useful. In turn, we’re developing a following for the app and increasing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.”

Brian Corish
Head of Digital, Vodafone Ireland

422,000+ app downloads, with 200,000 monthly and 50,000 daily active users.

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Redwood City, California

Data insights drive personalized online experiences.

Informatica is a global data management solutions company that supports companies in the engineering, financial services, and retail sectors. To support its growth goals, the company needed a way to better reach and serve its enterprise customers worldwide via its 30 websites. They wanted to personalize experiences to make it easier for customers to navigate the complex information needed to evaluate enterprise data management solutions, as well as better target customers for upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Using Adobe Target, Informatica can now personalize offers based on a customer’s product affinity or industry. They can also deliver the right content to their key accounts based on data from systems like their account-marketing tool, pay-per-click, search engine optimization, and organic search results.

A/B testing with Adobe Target has helped Informatica better connect customers with their search goals. It has also helped them further refine online experiences. For example, the company has tested pages that automatically complete forms using progressive profile information (such as name and email address collected in one visit, company and title in the next), simplifying the experience for customers, and moving them through the sales funnel faster.

Gary Gamitian headshot

“Our focus on personalization has helped triple engagement to industry webinars, our Informatica World Tour, and other events.”

Gary Gamitian
Director of Web Development, Informatica

61% growth in global web visits, 55% boost in organic search visits.

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Build business value with targeted interactions.

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Salt Lake City, Utah

Addressing customer preferences boosts conversions.

Progrexion provides online credit services to hundreds of thousands of U.S. consumers each year through its consumer brands. Since 90 percent of the company’s customers sign up via their call center, driving leads there from its brands’ web properties is a key factor in the company’s growth. However, because their internal reporting tools couldn’t integrate online and offline interactions, it was difficult for Progrexion to determine the best ways to steer people to the call center and sign up for a service.

Adobe Target helped Progrexion marketers understand what prompts website visitors to take the next step and engage with the company. By testing landing pages that directed customers to the call center, they were able to take a closer look at both channels, and offer customers a way to sign up for services based on their preferences. They’re now able to run up to 12 tests concurrently to find the best design, navigation, and experiences to increase conversion and engagement.

Steven Jones headshot

“Tests launched with Target enabled us to look closer at both channels for success and for securing leads in the way that customers prefer.”

Steven Jones
Associate Director, Testing and Optimization, Progrexion

14% boost in conversions by using customer insights.

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Bellevue, Washington

Testing and targeting with data increases relevancy.

T-Mobile is differentiating itself by providing customers the experiences and services they want. Positioning itself as the “un-carrier,” the mobile provider has freed its customers from contracts, empowering them to leave their service at any time. Because customers are used to being locked into multi-year contracts when dealing with wireless carriers, the company’s biggest challenge has been communicating this new level of service to customers.

T-Mobile started by analyzing, testing, and optimizing its landing page and product pages using Adobe Target. By presenting device prices as options instead of displaying as an upfront cost, they increased conversions by 16 percent and average order value by 56 percent. They also saw a 25 percent increase in conversions on their mobile site by testing new banner experiences and delivering targeted banner ads to each audience.

When the company made it easier for current customers to make changes to their own account, 23 percent more customers updated their accounts online. The change also dramatically reduced service call volumes.

T-Mobile logo

“Now, we can uncover customer pain points and make actionable recommendations on how to make customer experiences better.”

Manager of Web Testing and Optimization

Increased conversions for phones by up to 16% and average order values by up to 56%.

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Edinburgh, Scotland

Creating the perfect experience at each step of the customer journey.

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) knew that the key to future success hinged on their ability to integrate the customer experience across physical and digital environments. With this in mind, the bank set out to create the perfect customer experience — one that would meet customer needs in every interaction, whether online, through call centers, or in branches. By adopting a data-driven approach, and enlisting the help of Adobe Target, they realigned their organization around optimizing every step of the customer journey.

With more than 100 page optimization tests done in one quarter alone, they are now able to roll out newly optimized experiences in weeks instead of months. The increased visibility into customer behaviors offers valuable insights, including that 30 percent of all customers use mobile devices to apply for loans. However, conversion rates were low. After testing and rolling out a streamlined mobile experience, customer conversion on mobile jumped by 20 percent, and loan applications were completed in minutes rather than days.

RBS logo

“There’s a sense of excitement and teamwork at RBS as we learn how to treat customers better and better. Who would have thought data could drive such a positive cultural shift?”

Head of Analytics

Accelerated time to market for new experiences from months to two weeks — from initial idea and testing to final deployment.
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Personalization for every customer, at every moment.

Personalizing experiences for every customer isn’t a dream. Nor is it optional. With a next-gen personalization engine, you can automatically deliver the best experiences and continually optimize those experiences based on customer behavior. Better predict and serve up the content and products customers want to see next. Ensure that the right offer is automatically shown to the right person at the right time. And use behavioral analytics and audience data to target your customers even more precisely.

Everyone likes to feel special. Just like that perfect gift, the opportunities to interact with your customers in personal ways are many. From checking mobile minutes to applying for a loan, give every customer the experience they want, and they’ll be ready to tell their friends about it, too.

Adobe can help.

Adobe offers powerful personalization tools that help you give your customers custom experiences every time they interact with you. With Adobe, you can take control of your data, use AI to achieve scale, and see incredible results.

Adobe Target helps marketers deliver relevant, personalized experiences to highly targeted audiences based on behavioral analytics and audience data. Powered by AI and machine learning, users can deliver individualized customer experiences at massive scale.

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