Adobe delivers award-winning intranet experience

Adobe personalizes internal communications for more than 20,000 employees worldwide with Adobe Experience Cloud.




Employees: More than 20,000 worldwide
San Jose, California


employee satisfaction on the award-winning intranet by delivering personalized experiences




  • Encourage employees to engage with internal communications across multiple channels
  • Help employees find important and up-to-date information quickly and efficiently
  • Standardize branding across intranet while empowering departments to publish and maintain their own information
  • Gain insight into employee engagement to create more content that employees enjoy



  • 94% employee satisfaction on the award-winning intranet by delivering personalized experiences
  • Reaches employees across channels including web, mobile, email, and digital displays
  • Empowers teams to publish up-to-date news, events, and content while maintaining brand consistency
  • Provides insight into how employees engage with content to deliver more compelling communications

“Adobe Experience Cloud allows us to define a holistic strategy for delivering employee communications across multiple channels”.

Ray Brulotte

Inside Adobe Product Manager

Boosting engagement with an intranet satisfaction rating of 94%

Adobe’s award-winning global intranet site, Inside Adobe, serves as a home to news, events, and access to information that helps employees get their jobs done more efficiently. This can range from looking up a colleague, checking corporate policies, or filing IT requests to helping the more than 20,000 employees feel more involved by sharing company news, local events, or volunteer opportunities. The Inside Adobe team is able to balance flexibility and consistency across the intranet by using Adobe Experience Manager within Adobe Marketing Cloud, part of Adobe Experience Cloud.

While Inside Adobe remains at the center of Adobe’s online employee communications strategy, by using Adobe Experience Cloud, including the Adobe Campaign and Adobe Analytics solutions, the Inside Adobe team is able to extend Inside Adobe’s reach through other channels such as email and digital signage in physical office spaces.

Targeted intranet experiences for 20,000+ employees

Inside Adobe embodies an intuitive design and rich visuals. Global menus provide quick links to easily navigate to various program and department sites and access to the employee directory to search for coworkers. Company news and events are prominently featured on the home page as well.

Experience Manager adds social media capabilities to Inside Adobe. For example, employees can like, share, or comment on articles on Inside Adobe. Additionally, social media feeds bring Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram content onto the home page, highlighting posts tagged with Adobe hashtags. During major events, such as Adobe Summit or MAX, the employee communications team can quickly change the tags to reflect the latest activity from the event.

All Inside Adobe content is tagged based on content type, related department, location, and employee role. Adobe Experience Manager uses these tags to personalize the content for employees. For example, the calendar shows events tagged for an employee’s location, while links for an employee’s department appear first on the Popular Resources link list.

“Employees must sign in before accessing the intranet so that’s our starting point for personalization,” says Jenn Hathaway, Senior Manager, Digital Communications. “Adobe Experience Manager allows us to manage content for more than 50 locations on one site, but still personalize experiences so that employees are exposed to the most important and relevant information for them.”

“Adobe Experience Manager allows us to manage content for more than 50 locations on one site, but still personalize experiences so employees are exposed to the most important and relevant information for them”.

Jenn Hathaway

Senior Manager, Digital Communications

Distributing authoring rights for fast updates

One of the biggest differences of working with Adobe Experience Manager is its support for distributed authoring. Leveraging built-in workflows and permissions, the Inside Adobe team empowers departments and business units to publish and update content as needed. Authors don’t need to wait for the Inside Adobe team or ask for support from IT. Instead, they can quickly build out informational pages or add news and events in minutes through Experience Manager Sites, keeping employees up-to-date with the latest information.

Experience Manager balances flexible authoring capabilities with governance by allowing the Inside Adobe team to maintain control over branding and layout. Authors may only access and update sections of Inside Adobe related to their team. Templates keep layout, colors, and fonts consistent from page to page and required fields prevent authors from forgetting to add vital information such as titles or tags.

“By giving teams ownership of their content, we can make sure that Inside Adobe gets updated with changes to benefits or big product news as soon as possible,” says Hathaway. “With Adobe Experience Manager, we’re enhancing flexibility for creating and publishing content while maintaining brand consistency.”

Publish once to multiple channels

The Inside Adobe team takes internal communications further by reaching employees across channels. Inside Adobe uses responsive Experience Manager templates that display accurately across both web and mobile devices. Content created in Experience Manager Sites can also be reused across other channels, such as digital displays. Through Experience Manager Screens, Adobe’s Employee Communications team can display content across more than 150 displays in 35 Adobe offices globally.

“Adobe Experience Manager Screens helps us bridge offline and online channels to get more eyes on content,” says Brulotte. “We’re getting content in front of employees in hallways, break rooms, cafes, and other areas where they work.”

Using Adobe Campaign, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, the Inside Adobe team enables teams to send email newsletters directly to employees’ inboxes. Much like Experience Manager, Campaign allows the team to control authoring access while keeping layout, colors, and fonts consistent.


Understanding employee engagement

Adobe Analytics, part of Adobe Analytics Cloud, plays a critical role in optimizing digital communications. By tracking items like page views, tags, likes, comments, and shares, Adobe Analytics can help the Employee Communications team understand what type of content is connecting with employees. Are employees watching videos, or do they prefer short, snappy text? Is there a time of day or week that encourages more engagement with stories? Analytics also works across channels, increasing visibility into the open rates and click-throughs of email newsletters.

“By layering on Adobe Analytics capabilities, we gain a level of insight that helps us aim for engagement, not just page views,” says Brulotte. “With a greater understanding of how employees react to the content, the Employee Communications team can adjust its strategy to ensure they are producing the most relevant content for employees.”

“We understand when customers relate their intranet and internal communication struggles, because we were in a similar position before we used Adobe Experience Cloud,” says Brulotte. “Adobe Experience Cloud delivers flexibility, control, and insight in one platform, which is something any company can use to better engage employees.”

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