How Adobe Experience Manager Forms compares to our competition.

We know that it takes to make a great experience and often, it starts with a great form. But it shouldn’t end there and we know that better than anyone else. Take a look at how we stack up against our competitors.

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The competition
Experience Manager Forms
Comprehensive solution
They offer you one piece of the puzzle when it comes to form filling, workflow automation, document generation and customer correspondence.
We offer a complete, end-to-end digital enrolment solution to author forms, automate workflows, communicate with your customers and securely collect compliant e-signatures.
Personalised communication
They rely mainly on third-party integrations to make personalised communications possible.
We make personalised communications easy.
When we do partner with third parties — which we do aggressively — it’s to bring in data to target the right audiences and personalise the content for a relevant and engaging customer experience.
Customised for enterprise
Use SaaS solutions with limited customisation while also leaving you open to the risk of data intermingling in a multi-tenet deployment.
Adobe Experience Manager Forms on Managed Services and Adobe Experience Manager Forms as a Cloud Service isolate your sensitive data and allows you to customise applications specific to your needs.
Future-proof solution
They have point solutions that act as short-term band-aids and don’t offer effective long-term vendor partnerships.
Forms is built on a cloud-based architecture that's extensible to other technologies — including future technologies, scalable to grow with you and always current and secure.