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Bringing all your data together to get the best view of your customers is a tall task. But with Adobe Experience Platform, you’re able to make it happen quickly and efficiently. Then you can start powering the data-driven experiences that will change your brand. Put Adobe Experience Platform into context with this collection of industry publications and other resources.

Industry Publications

Vision of the CIO

Visit our page for CIOs to learn how great CIOs lay the foundation for a technology vision that transforms customer experiences.

Power of the Data Scientist

Visit our page for data scientists to see why data scientists are in demand more than ever because they know how to get value from data by using AI to create great experiences.

Customer Experience

Read this Target Marketing article to see how digital marketing is evolving to make customer experience the central focus.

Digital Transformation

Learn more about our changes to the way you build data-driven experiences in this Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) article.

Think Beyond CRM

See why CRMs are no longer enough when it comes to digital marketing in this article from Target Marketing.

Experience Innovation

Get another take on the Experience System of Record in this TechCrunch article.

New Experience Architecture

Learn even more about the Experience System of Record in this article from DMN.

Strategic Advantage

Read this Medium article to get an in-depth look at the benefits of Adobe Experience Platform.

Build more complete
customer profiles.

Many brands struggle to wrangle customer data and get the insight they need to deliver personalised experiences across channels. Adobe Experience Platform gives you the tools to make it possible. Read the solution brief to learn how.

Industry Trends & Research

 2018 Digital Trends in IT

See what 400 IT leaders around the world say about digital marketing trends in 2018 Digital Trends in IT.

Artificial intelligence makes a smarter enterprise.

We brought together business leaders across various industries to share their thoughts on opportunities and challenges for AI in the enterprise.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Platform can do for your business.