Artificial Intelligence. Real results. Test and personalise at scale with Adobe Target.

Personalised experiences at scale, powered by AI.

Deliver relevant, engaging and personalised experiences by blending rules-driven approaches with artificial intelligence. Adobe Target includes four key personalisation capabilities powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s AI and machine-learning platform.

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Let automation transform your business.

Auto-allocated A/B testing

Test faster and smarter. Find and deliver the winning experience to more visitors earlier for increased conversion and revenue. And do it with auto-allocated A/B testing.

One-click personalisation

Tap into powerful AI that uses everything you know about your visitors to deliver each one the best personalised experience.

AI-driven offer delivery

Let the algorithm discover and deliver the offer that resonates most with each visitor every time.


Suggest the best products and content to visitors based on their unique profile and interests expressed through onsite or off-line behaviour.

Discover all the AI-powered capabilities in Adobe Target.

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Dive deep into specific AI capabilities of Adobe Target with Beyond A/B Testing.

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