Adobe Analytics Integration

Pass data from Adobe Campaign to Adobe Analytics and use Analytics data directly in Campaign. This helps you understand your email in the context of your other digital marketing efforts, identify new and valuable audiences, and trigger messages based on statistically significant interactions.

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Cross-channel marketers need a way to do cross-channel reporting and understand post-click attribution. But marketing and analytics systems are often siloed, making analysis, audience sharing, and collaboration slow and difficult. Marketers and data scientists need to be able to work closely together — analytics and Campaign are better together.

Analytics integration lets you pass your email engagement data to Adobe Analytics to be viewed alongside your other marketing metrics. This helps you understand the interaction between your email and other digital marketing efforts, and to define valuable segments and identify important remarketing opportunities. You can also define message triggers using Adobe Analytics or pass web audiences to Campaign for use in cross-channel remarketing programs.


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KPI sharing
Connect email delivery metrics to Adobe Analytics to understand how emails drive behavior into and on your website.

Deploy tags on your digital properties to trigger real-time remarketing messages. You can use Activation from among Adobe Experience Cloud’s Core Services to define trigger rules and use Adobe Launch to deploy and manage web apps.

Audience sharing
Define segments of people based on their behavior on your digital properties and pass those audiences to Campaign for cross-channel marketing programs.

“We have to work hard to win customer loyalty in the travel industry. If they see a cheaper deal or have one poor experience, they are likely to move on to a competing site. Having Adobe Campaign and Adobe Analytics work in tandem helps us make sure we are delivering the best experiences possible, across touchpoints.”

Roberto Gennaro, Chief Digital Officer,

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Strengthen your remarketing triggers.

Go to our Help section to learn how Adobe Campaign + Adobe Analytics integration helps you create custom remarketing triggers that send personalized messages based on a series of actions taken on a website.

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Deliver just as Auchan:Direct does.

Find out how Auchan:Direct uses Adobe Campaign with Adobe Analytics to intelligently deliver groceries to their diverse segments of customers in this customer video.

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