Responsive forms. Responsive customers.

Responsive forms make a complex process simple. By making it easy for customers to find, fill, and compliantly sign forms on any browser or any device without pen or paper, you reduce form abandonment, increase customer retention, and save valuable time and resources.

And to get on the fast track, check out the Automated Forms Conversion feature to transform batches of legacy PDF forms into mobile-responsive forms in just a few clicks. Our guided, drag-and-drop authoring tool makes building forms a breeze, or use our headless option to create customized forms.

Responsive in all the right ways.

Digital innovation is changing the world, making it more convenient to shop or enroll in new programs or services online. But it’s not all roses and daisies. What used to be a simple print, sign, and file process for businesses is now a complicated process that involves multiple devices, multiple channels, and sky-high customer expectations.

To keep your own employees from being overwhelmed and your customers from abandoning you, every aspect of filling out a form needs to be effortless. This means it needs to be easy for customers to find the forms they need, complete them no matter which device they’re on, and effortlessly and securely e-sign and submit the form now or later without having to start over.

But, that also means it must be simple for employees to design and deliver forms as well. Whether it's form creation using our form authoring tool or custom form creation using our headless Adaptive Forms capability, this starts with being able to create one form that can render beautifully on any device or channel. It continues with the ability to make real-time changes to forms based on customer responses and pre-fill applications by pulling data from existing customer or social media profiles to reduce errors. And finally, it ends with being able to revert to print and paper when necessary, by being able to generate a PDF copy of the completed form in a compliant format.

Adobe can help.

Adobe understands that online forms shouldn’t be complicated — for you or your customers. With Forms, you can spend less time creating and verifying forms on the back end with code-free visually appealing layout options and integrations with Adobe Experience Manger Sites. The advanced tools of Adobe Sign let you capture signatures, collect payments, and even designate specific multiple signers sequentially. This means customers can quickly find the right form, easily view and fill the form on any device or channel, and securely sign it with a quick click, tap, or swipe.

In other words, with Adobe Experience Manager Forms, enrollment is effortless for everyone.

“Our internal bank systems are already completely digital. Now it’s important to look through our customers’ eyes and also offer them digital capabilities.”

Klaus Fiedel, head of IT, Investitionsbank Berlin

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