Channels matter. Interactions matter ever more. 

From web to mobile to email, automatically deliver the most relevant content to every buyer for personalized experiences that will have them cheering for more.

Meet rising expectations with perfectly crafted interactions.

Meet rising expectations with perfectly crafted interactions.

You know your customers want personalized experiences. But with so many different channels and preferences, it’s hard to know where to start. Make every interaction the right one with the help of Marketo’s machine learning and predictive analytics capabilities.

By using behavioral patterns to learn what works best for each buyer, plus account data on your anonymous visitors, you can find out which content is most relevant. Then use machine learning to automatically deliver that content to every visitor across web, mobile, and email channels. Now, you can meet the rising expectations of your buyers across every step of the customer journey — from interest to conversion, and beyond.

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“That’s what personalisation looks like in B2B marketing – the ability to roll out creative content in a way that’s highly targeted and relevant” Joerg Hufschmid. Marketing Manager, Panasonic Business Europe.

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