Adobe Microsoft Partnership

Personalized experiences start with a seamless partnership.

Adobe and Microsoft have come together to unite data, content, and processes, helping you transform your business and deliver the great experiences customers expect across all touchpoints.

Adobe Microsoft Partnership

Keep up with digital growth

Propel your customer experience into the future with the combined expertise and innovation of Adobe and Microsoft.

Unmatched customer profiles

Unlock real-time insights from the entire customer journey by unifying all your sales and marketing data into a single profile.

Better customer experiences

Activate profiles to anticipate customers' needs and connect their experiences and personalization at every customer touchpoint across their journey.

Accelerated business

Unify sales and marketing teams to sell faster and more efficiently with automated follow-ups that help you nurture, track, and drive deals to boost results and ROI.

Trusted partnership

Support your digital transformation with the experience and innovation of Microsoft and Adobe, with access to our combined partner ecosystem and Microsoft’s world-class cloud platform.

Adobe and Microsoft help transform your business

Customers succeed with Adobe and Microsoft

United vision. United data.

Adobe and Microsoft are joining forces with SAP to form the Open Data Initiative. The Initiative is open and extensible and reimagines what customer experience management can be. Now you can get a complete picture of your customer with a seamless flow of connected behavioral, transactional, financial, and operational data to understand what your customers need in real time.

Let’s talk about what Adobe + Microsoft can do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Adobe + Microsoft can do for your business.