IoT for a global market.

Silicon Labs reaches tens of thousands of customers worldwide with experience-based website built on Adobe Experience Manager.

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Conversion lift through site redesign


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Scale to meet the needs of a growing global business

Provide targeted experiences to tens of thousands of customers across industries

Improve internal workflow efficiencies to encourage agile website improvements


15% conversion lift through site redesign

Gain insight through in-depth tagging

Time for website changes reduced from 1 week to 20 minutes

Focus on core business with cloud-managed solution

“What used to take us a week can now happen in 20 minutes with Adobe Experience Manager. That brings us greater flexibility and control over how we market products online.”

Kamran Shah

Director of Corporate Marketing, Silicon Labs

Connecting people and devices

Network connectivity was once limited to computers and smartphones, but connected devices are on the rise. People are connecting their homes, cars, businesses, and even clothing through the Internet of things (IoT), creating opportunities for people to gain greater control over their health, time, safety, and environment.

Silicon Labs is a leading provider of silicon, software, and system solutions for a smarter, more connected world. The company’s award-winning technologies are used across industries as a part of the IoT, Internet infrastructure, industrial automation, consumer, and automotive markets.

Several years ago, Silicon Labs addressed a more vertical semiconductor audience. With the focus and growth in the IoT business, the company now markets to tens of thousands of customers worldwide. This shift has changed how Silicon Labs approaches sales, operations, and marketing.

“We’re evolving into a company capable of delivering targeted experiences to customers across industries,” says Kamran Shah, Director of Corporate Marketing at Silicon Labs. “We need better insights into our customers and prospects to help us continuously improve and deliver personalized experiences during the entire design cycle.”

Improving the digital experience with Adobe

Silicon Labs was using a .NET-based content management system (CMS), but when it came time to upgrade, the company evaluated leading open source and commercial options to meet its future needs for the website and to improve customer experience. Silicon Labs identified global scalability and greater insight into its growing customer base as necessities for its CMS, which is the company’s digital foundation.

Adobe Experience Manager, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud within Adobe Experience Cloud, met all of Silicon Labs’ requirements, including the ability to quickly create, manage, and deliver relevant content. “One of the fundamental differences between Adobe Experience Manager and other CMS options is its usability,” says Shah. “It’s designed with the marketer in mind so our business leads can control simple enhancements to our design changes without burdening IT resources.”

With Adobe Experience Manager, marketers and website staff can change designs, adjust product information, and publish content on their own because of the flexibility and usability of the platform. As a result, Silicon Labs can integrate new design changes to optimize site performance or product display. By quickly iterating through possibilities and optimizing display, Silicon Labs achieved a 15% conversion lift with improved digital experiences.

“One of the fundamental differences between Adobe Experience Manager and other CMS options is its usability. It’s designed with the marketer in mind so our business leads can control simple enhancements to our design changes without burdening IT resources.”

Kamran Shah

Director of Corporate Marketing, Silicon Labs

Understanding products and customers

One of the most powerful features of Adobe Experience Manager is its tagging. Rather than using a product information management solution or a commerce solution, Silicon Labs uses Adobe Experience Manager to manage all complex product information. More than 5,000 technical documents, including specifications sheets and reference manuals, images, and videos are stored in Experience Manager Assets. Integrations bring access to product information from the SAP enterprise resource planning system.

Using tags in Adobe Experience Manager integrated with the marketing automation platform Marketo, marketers can easily tag and track all of the website information and assets. Silicon Labs now tracks 100% of activity for lead scoring, leading to a 150% improvement in product interest accuracy. Marketers can identify products, specifications, and features that a customer is looking at, which leads to more actionable information for sales and support teams.

Silicon Labs can also gain more advanced insights by analyzing and comparing tag segments through an integration with Adobe Analytics , part of Adobe Analytics Cloud. The team wanted to identify what drove people to purchase the highest-selling development kit. By comparing segments through Adobe Analytics, Silicon Labs discovered a strong correlation between purchases and customers who read about how to use the kit. Detailed usage information was normally considered a post-sales resource, but the team realized that this information was also a useful pre-sales resource.

“Tagging allows us to define our products and gain a greater understanding of how to improve our marketing,” says Shah. “The tagging capabilities for our content in Adobe Experience Manager is a linchpin to our digital strategy.”

Maximizing marketing and IT resources

Silicon Labs decided to deploy Adobe Experience Manager hosted in the cloud with Adobe Managed Services. “We’d rather invest resources in designing new products than managing an on-premise environment,” says Sherri Wood, IT Director at Silicon Labs. “Working within the cloud environment with Adobe Experience Manager allows us to focus on our core competencies and scale more efficiently.”

Not only is the solution easier to use, but marketers now have more control of how products are grouped and displayed. Product pages normally have complex tables to compare the most important specifications for customers. Marketers can now complete this task by themselves, freeing IT resources for other projects. “What used to take us a week can now happen in 20 minutes with Adobe Experience Manager,” says Shah. “As a marketing team, we have the control to make changes when the market demands, allowing us to be much more agile as a team.”

Improving efficiency with scalable content

Experience Fragments, a capability in Adobe Experience Manager, makes it even easier for marketers to easily update websites with reusable content snippets. Updating the content once propagates the changes across all pages to eliminate errors and improve consistency. For example, when launching a new product, marketers may change the messaging several times before landing on a winning phrase. With Experience Fragments, marketers just update the messaging once, without needing to keep track of updates to each page where that messaging appears.

“Experience Fragments in Adobe Experience Manager will make changes to the website so much more efficient, especially when dealing with information spread across numerous web pages and templates,” says Wood.

Investing in the Adobe platform

Using Adobe Target, Silicon Labs leverages the data from Adobe Analytics and Adobe Experience Manager. Through AB testing marketers can increase website performance even further by determining which products to promote on the website.

Silicon Labs plans to build upon its Adobe platform by adding Search & Promote, within Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Experience Manager Communities. The ability to define unique rules for different needs and include analytics information to tune search results are some of the capabilities that make Search & Promote attractive.

Adobe Experience Manager Communities provides the ability for Silicon Labs to combine user generated content from discussion forums with technical resources managed in Adobe Experience Manager Sites to provide an integrated experience to customers. By avoiding separate silos of information, Silicon Labs aims to surface the most relevant content based on need across different site sections.

“Adobe solutions form a digital foundation upon which we can build new digital experiences for our customers,” says Shah. “By investing in Adobe as a platform, we’re increasing business opportunities and driving interest in our IoT solutions.”

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