Adobe Analytics and IT.

The right analytics platform can transform the way your organization understands customers. Adobe Analytics is that platform. Check out these IT resources for Adobe Analytics. Start by reading our perspective on how IT is essential to great experiences, and then get into the technical details with further resources.

Resources for IT.

System requirements

Learn the system requirements for each Adobe Analytics interface.


See how to get Adobe Analytics up and running.

Product security

Read about how Adobe Analytics helps keep your data secure.

Adobe security

Get a high-level view of the steps we take to protect our customers’ data.

Developers and Adobe

Learn about our thriving community of developers in Adobe I/O.

Adobe Analytics FAQ for IT.

How much effort does it take to deploy Adobe Analytics?

If you use a tag management solution, deploying Analytics can be simple. Without tag management, it’s more complicated, because you’ll need to configure the JavaScript code on your pages manually. In either case, consider using Adobe Experience Platform Launch for tag management. And because it’s included in Adobe Experience Cloud, it can help simplify Analytics deployment.

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What does Adobe Analytics use as a tracking ID?

Analytics uses Adobe Experience Cloud ID for tracking purposes, which can pseudonymously identify your visitors across all solutions in Adobe Experience Cloud. In turn, this helps you get a holistic view of your customers’ journeys across all their devices.

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How does Adobe Analytics handle data availability, security, and recovery?

Analytics uses a multi-tiered, fully redundant architecture that encompasses both the Analytics network and application. This framework tolerates failures and transparently routes data around trouble spots. And through our partnership with InterNAP, Analytics supports bandwidth, routing, and rerouting across more than nine separate backbones of the internet to maximize your availability.

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Can data from other sources be loaded into Adobe Analytics?

There are two different ways you can load data from other sources, based on the requirements of the source types. You can use FTP file transfers to import data files into Analytics Data Sources, and once it’s uploaded into the FTP location we provide you, Data Sources will process them and make them available. You can also programmatically inject data into Analytics via the Data Insertion API.

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For more frequently asked questions, read our conversation guide.

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IT case studies.

“Adobe Analytics fuels insight-driven customer experiences.”

We’re a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Customer Analytics Solutions, Q2 2018, achieving perfect scores in multiple categories. Download the report to see why Analytics is leading the way in data-driven marketing.

Further reading for IT.

It’s more than data. It’s customer intelligence.

Dive deeper into Adobe Analytics and see how we can help you create data-driven experiences in real time that your customers will love.

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