Custom Variables

Capture the web and mobile app data that matters most for data-driven decision making and that maps to your business goals.

Data needs to answer business needs.

Your business needs are as numerous as the ways your customers behave. That means you need the ability to gather the data that serves these diverse needs. Maybe you want to know how often people look at a product before they buy. Or which search terms lead to a form submission. 

With custom variables, it’s easy to identify specific behaviors that you want to measure. For example, when someone logs into your site, you can use a custom variable to pass that ID into Analytics so that you can associate all that user’s further behavior with that ID. This allows you to build out specific dimensions that meet the needs of your specific business.

Success event variables

Use custom variables (we call them eVars) to determine which dimensions of your site contribute the most to conversion. These variables are persistent and can be broken down by one another, a unique feature of Adobe Analytics.

Traffic variables

Use traffic variables (Props) to help you understand the popularity of various dimensions on your site, such as page views, visits, unique visitors, and time spent.


Categorize variables and add metadata, allowing you to group different values and report on them in bunches or in clarifying ways.

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Multichannel data collection

Our open measurement protocol can capture data from virtually any source (i.e., voice, video, audio, connected car, IoT, CRM, Intranet, etc.) Or, use our data collection library for Javascript and mobile app SDKs.

Real-time data visualizations

Our Live Stream feature gives you a real-time stream of unprocessed hit-level data available within seconds of collection.

Unique data processing

Our server-side approach to processing and populating report variables and defining visitor segmentation rules allows you to create real-time segmentation of all online data without creating complex rules on your site.

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