Customer Profiles

Use Adobe Campaign’s flexible data model to enrich your customer profile data and add new attributes or tables. Then, use these customer profiles for more accurate segmentation, personalization, and reporting.

A complete view of your customers, on every channel.

You have tons of data on your customers, but it’s a huge challenge to bring it all together in an accessible view. However, without a complete picture, you struggle to get the results you expect from your marketing campaigns.

Unifying your customer data from online and offline channels is the first step to improved campaign targeting, personalization, and reporting. The customer profiles feature integrates all of your customer data in one place. Customize your data at any time with drag-and-drop functionality, and quickly handle complex data management tasks, such as calculations, aggregates, de-dupes, and merges.


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Unify your customer data
Track every interaction — from both online and offline channels — and merge it into a single customer profile, accessible to marketers without SQL.

Integrate your marketing
Use customer interaction data from other touchpoints and Experience Cloud solutions to enrich and expand these profiles, keeping them up to date.

Personalize your marketing
Use customer data to create and personalize cross-sell, upsell, and loyalty program opportunities.

Data connectors
Integrate Adobe Campaign with other data sources like CRM, point of sale, and e-commerce solutions. 

Personalization with Adobe Target
Deeper personalization means greater value with the Target integration. Learn how to combine time and location values with your customer data in our tips and tricks guide.
Learn tips and tricks to integrate quickly

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See how others do it.

Get insight into how Heathrow Airport uses customer profiles to improve customer experiences with targeting and personalization in our Adobe blog.

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Integrate your CRM.

Unify your customer profiles by plugging in your CRM to Adobe Campaign with our APIs in our documentation.

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Audience segmentation

Use multidimensional targeting to create segments based on virtually any variable in a customer profile. Use these audiences in Adobe Campaign for use in multi-step, cross-channel programs or to share with other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions.

Adobe Analytics integration

Use the Adobe Campaign + Adobe Analytics integration to enable cross-channel reporting, create and share audiences across teams, and deploy real-time remarketing triggers.

Data Connectors

Data connectors enable you to integrate big data sources, such as CRM, e-commerce platforms, or point of sale systems.

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