You can’t be everywhere at once. Marketing automation can.  

As you learn what your customers want, Adobe Campaign can help you use marketing automation technology to give a customized experience to each of them — at an enterprise scale.

A problem of scale.

It’s no secret — giving customers the exact experience they want keeps them happy and loyal to your brand. The challenge has always been one of scale. For so long, it was difficult to give that kind of highly-catered experience to everyone. 

Enter automation. Marketing automation can help you move customers along their journey without having to manually handle each step. But it’s not always a silver bullet. Often, companies have multiple automation campaigns — coming from different channels like email and mobile push notifications, or even from different internal teams. This can lead to fatigue, conflicting messages, and other experiences that frustrate, exhaust, or even lose a customer.

Adobe can help.

We know there’s a better way to organize your automated campaigns. An easier way to keep your whole organization on the same page and all of your marketing channels working together to inform and delight you customers.

Adobe Campaign helps you use automation to match the best offers and messages to the right people. Common interactions, like order confirmations, registrations, and password resets come to your customer at the right time and through the channel they prefer. The solution also helps you handle both inbound and outbound messages. 

Overall, automation in Adobe Campaign lets you keep every customer interested, engaged, and moving through their journey at a scale that would be impossible to do one at a time. It’s the personal touch — at a massive, multichannel scale.

“Adobe Campaign uses automation and powerful workflows to help us sort through over two terabytes of information and create relevant experiences for each customer.”

Tony Arbelaez, Senior Technology Manager, Email/CRM, Travelocity

Marketing Automation Features

Triggered emails

Automate emails responses from Campaign or integrate with Adobe Analytics to trigger custom remarketing emails based on individual user actions.

Offer management

Create a rules-based offer catalog. You can manage offers by weights or priorities, and cap how many times customers see a specific offer.

Mobile marketing

Use Adobe Campaign to streamline your mobile marketing activities, such as sending mobile-responsive emails, delivering push notifications, text messages, and in-app messages, and designing your app to integrate with Campaign using our mobile SDK.

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Customer journey

Omnichannel marketing

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