Adobe Experience Platform Offer Decisioning

Create, manage and personalise each customer's "next best offer" with real-time decisioning.

What Offer Decisioning through Experience Platform does for you.

Real-time decisioning provides powerful, in-the-moment decision-making that reacts to your customer's journey as they're making it. Offer Decisioning makes that real-time personalisation easy with a central library of marketing offers and a decision engine that applies rules and constraints to rich, real-time profiles created by Adobe Experience Platform to help you to send your customers the right offer at the right time.

Step 1. Create a real-time profile
Robust customer profiles are updated in real time using Experience Platform to collect a wide variety of data, including behavioural, transactional, contextual and operational.

Step 2. Build marketing offers
All offers are created and managed in one central location, regardless of the delivery channel, including promotions, discounts, loyalty notices, cross-sales, up-sales and more.

Step 3. Apply real-time decisioning
A central decision engine analyses real-time profile data and applies extensive rules, including eligibility, frequency and capping to select the right offer for each unique customer.

Step 4. Deploy the right offer
Offer Decisioning integrates with channels such as email or mobile to send relevant, consistent personalised offers across all touchpoints of the customer journey.


How Offer Decisioning increases marketing ROI

Enhance engagement and increase conversions across channels

Improve campaign efficiency and decrease offer time-to-market

Reduce cost per offer with automatic campaign variation

Drive higher customer lifetime value by strengthening relationships

How Offer Decisioning is different

Real-time Customer Profiles

Real-time customer profiles

Customer profiles are updated in real time using data from across the customer journey, including behavioural, transactional and CRM, ensuring the offer is targeted.

Customer Journey Content

Content for the entire customer journey

More than just promotions, Offer Decisioning sends marketing offers along the entire journey — from awareness to conversion to follow-up.

Central Offer Library

One central offer library

Offer Decisioning lets you manage every marketing offer from one location and deliver across all channels to ensure consistency and relevancy.