Asset Microservices

Create and deliver omnichannel experiences faster than ever before. Our intelligent, cloud-native microservices let you automate processes to transform and enhance digital asset management at scale.

Eliminate bottlenecks with scalable asset processing

Adobe Experience Manager Assets as a Cloud Service gives you access to an extensible set of microservices that will change the way you work and maximise the performance and responsiveness of your DAM. 

Tap into AI-powered services that turn complex processes — like bulk asset ingestion and seamless renditioning — into easy, automated workflows.

We’re continuously adding new microservices that will help you with data and information transfer, video and emerging media support, integrating easily with third-party services, managing intensive bulk asset creation, editing and personalisation. You’ll even be able to create customised microservices to handle your own unique workflow challenges. 

See what makes it work

Asset ingestion
Add thousands of assets to your DAM in minutes — rather than days or weeks — without third-party assistance, new servers or added costs.

Seamless renditioning
Using native Adobe technologies, automatically transform assets into any format, quickly creating ready-to-use assets for any experience.

See related features

Asset collections

Easily create, edit and share asset collections between users, including static collections and smart collections that can dynamically include assets based on search criteria.

Asset insights

Use data insights to see which assets perform best without having to rely on your analytics team and easily report asset engagement, consumption and interaction.

File type support

Assets offers a wide range of support from Creative Cloud apps to common file types and emerging file formats like 3D, panoramic, VR and AR.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Manager Sites can do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Manager Sites can do for your business.