Integrating Adobe Learning Manager with the vital enterprise apps and systems already in your tech stack via an extensive set of APIs and connectors.


Offer courses across your organization’s favorite apps.

An LMS is only as good as the company it keeps. You need a roster of valuable integrations to make learning as seamless as possible so learners have fewer excuses to cut class.

Through a suite of API integrations and custom connectors, Adobe Learning Manager makes it easy to make learning a part of your employees’ and customers’ everyday lives. Bring in complex user data from other enterprise HR systems to power more valuable recommendations, export analytics data to visualization tools to show what information your users find most valuable, and more.


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  • Import and export data quickly between Learning Manager and external systems with out-of-the-box connectors, FTP transfers, and more.

Content provider integrations

  • Enroll in classes purchased separately from third-party content providers, such as LinkedIn Learning (Formerly Lynda), Harvard ManageMentor, and getAbstract all within the learning platform.

Salesforce integration

  • Train sales teams more efficiently with convenient access to assigned courses and upcoming tasks right within Salesforce using the built-in integration.

Adobe Marketo Engage connector

  • Use data such as course enrollments, course completions, and skill attainment from your Adobe Learning Manager to drive automated marketing campaigns targeted towards your customers within Adobe Marketo Engage.

Next-gen data visualization tools

  • Export user data, learner transcripts, and more into a unified dataset through Microsoft Power BI and present your findings in ready-made templates.

Adobe Experience Manager Sites learning component

  • Sync course recommendations and other learner home page elements automatically with Adobe Experience Manager Sites using a simple drag-and-drop workflow — no coding required.

FTP connector

  • Use the FTP connector to import sets of users from other enterprise apps automatically.

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Build a seamless, branded learning experience.

By integrating Adobe Experience Manager with Learning Manager, you can create a completely customized, fully branded learning experience.

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