Federated Data Access

Use data where it resides instead of setting up data migration processes. This way, your data is always up to date for faster campaign execution and more convenient access.


Make big data plug and play.

You have great data about your customer preferences and your campaign performance. But if you could supplement that data with complementary information from other data sources you have access to, your marketing could be that much better. Removing data silos, however, is no small task.

Federated data access lets you quickly process information stored in one or more external databases. Since you don’t need to migrate data, your data is always up to date and you can use queries, enrichments and data-loading tools to bring external data into your marketing campaigns — while maintaining the data structure you already have inside of Adobe Campaign. Take advantage of federated data access to discover and segment unstructured customer data for richer and more accurate campaign execution. Take advantage of federated access to discover, query and segment data for faster campaign execution.


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External database access
Access and map data from external databases such as Greenplum, Terdata, Amazon Redshift, Oracle and SQL Server using native drivers, without the need for replication.

FDA Connector for SAP HANA
The FDA/Hadoop Connector interface lets you connect to a SAP HANA database without having to import the data, providing a rich toolset for managing your data.

Hadoop Connector via HiveQL
Enabled by the federated data access, this feature lets marketers query an entire dataset in Hadoop using HiveQL without the need for pre-processing. This reduces the need for upfront modelling and ETL work.

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