Headless Content Management System

Adobe Experience Manager Sites provides the most innovation-friendly content tools in the market, enabling you to use and reuse content across web, mobile and emerging channels — including those that have yet to be developed.

Manage content for every channel — all from one repository.

From web and mobile to in-store signs and IoT apps, customers expect your digital experiences to shine no matter where they’re delivered. But creating and updating content for so many different channels can slow down content delivery. Bring back the brilliance with headless content management from Adobe Experience Manager Sites.

Supporting both developers and marketers on a single unified platform, Experience Manager Sites helps you to manage content for all your channels. It all starts with our GraphQL API for developers to access structured Content Fragments headlessly for use in front-end apps.

The framework takes you beyond server-side HTML rendering, with support for headless CMS capabilities, like HTTP APIs for content delivery below the page level to any channel and JavaScript framework-based content presentation. With Experience Manager Sites, you have the flexibility to develop, manage and provide ongoing support for content and experiences across traditional, hybrid headless and pure headless content delivery.


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GraphQL allows developers to access content in Experience Manager from their apps headlessly. GraphQL is an industry standard, application agnostic query language format to query and retrieve content. It is designed to be compact and efficient, returning just the content requested and nothing extra. Queries can return reference items in a single request, significantly reducing the time and bandwidth required to retrieve the desired information.

Core Components

Core components are customisable APIs for HTML or JSON export, allowing developers to choose default or customised format of JSON output, which is commonly not possible for JSON delivery over traditional HTTP APIs.

Content Fragments

Create and manage structured content using customisable content models. Reuse these page-independent content fragments with text and associated media across channels. They can be used in pages or experience fragments on websites and mobile apps or delivered as JSON format through AEM core components or directly via HTTP API to any end-point. As with the SPA editor and experience fragments, content is fully translatable and manageable across languages using translation management capabilities.

SPA Editor

Conduct interactive, WYSIWYG authoring of React- and Angular-based single-page applications (SPAS) in Adobe Experience Manager Sites using the JavaScript SDK. The SPA editor is supported by experience components, in-context experience editors and Experience Manager Sites admin capabilities. Deliver initial experiences faster with server-side rendering of JavaScript front-end code in Node.js.

Adobe Experience Manager HTTP API

Achieve pure headless delivery of content below the page level with JSON output of resources directly from the Adobe Experience Manager Sites content repository — including content fragments.

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Single-page app editing

Edit and manage single-page applications (SPAS) built on open-source frameworks like React and Angular with the same drag-and-drop editor you use for websites.


Let developers query content using GraphQL with an API to access just the content they need in apps to reduce network requests and improve the app experience.

Content as a service

Let users programmatically access the Experience Manager Sites content repository and get content for delivery to many third-party applications, including mobile apps, IoT apps, smart devices and in-store screens.

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