One-click personalisation

Tap into powerful AI — using one click to activate testing and personalisation — to find the best-performing experience for each visitor.


Launch epic journeys with a single click.

Testing and personalisation at scale can be a challenge for even the most optimisation-savvy brands and businesses. And that’s only worrying about offers or other content. When you start adding in layouts and navigation and whole customer journeys — all for thousands or millions of customers — and the whole idea seems nearly impossible.

But with one-click personalisation in Adobe Target, the impossible is not only possible but easy. Target streamlines and simplifies the entire personalisation experience. Drawing on the power of Adobe Sensei, our artificial intelligence and machine learning framework, Target takes personalisation way beyond simple content and makes it possible for you to deliver an optimised, unique experience — layout, navigation, content, all of it — to every customer with a single click.

And it doesn’t stop with single pages. Use Adobe Target to create personalise journeys based on progressive customer profiles to create the ultimate one-to-one customer experiences every time — and drive meaningful, measurable ROI as a result.


See what makes it work.

Intuitive, industry-leading AI
With AI integration, powered by Adobe Sensei, identify and deliver the best-performing experiences — not just content — for every visitor, every time.

With this premium feature, tap into advanced machine learning and high-performing, marketer-defined touchpoints to serve experiences based on customer profiles and behaviours.

Variations and combinations
Personalisation shouldn’t be one dimensional. Target matches offer variations to each visitor, combining creative, offers, structural changes, navigation, messages and more for an experience that meets every customer expectation.

Personalisation insights
Gain deeper insight into how your personalisation works with our Important Attributes report. It gives you a list of the most influential profile attributes that are driving automated personalisation decisions. Make better decisions by understanding which traits or profiles are most important in driving ROI.

Automated segment creation
Every visitor is unique and doesn’t always fall within predefined segments or personas. With Automated Segments, powered by Adobe Sensei, discover which profile attributes are really driving success for your offers and experiences. See how multiple attributes can combine to create brand new segments.

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