Generative AI For Business

Meet Adobe Sensei GenAI.

Higher project velocity. Simpler marketing processes. And so much more — all with Sensei GenAI as your co-pilot, now part of Experience Cloud.

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Adobe generative AI is evolving how customers experience your brand.

As a leader and a visionary in artificial intelligence, we know generative AI has the potential to reshape every aspect of marketing — from planning to execution to analysis. With Adobe Sensei GenAI — our new AI technology — customer experience teams will use natively embedded generative AI to amplify their expertise and deliver more accurate and personal customer journeys.

Personalized experiences

Create multi-faceted experiences that are campaign and channel-specific using Sensei GenAI to bring customer data and content together at scale.

Native generative AI

Integrated generative AI in Experience Cloud products and Adobe Experience Platform accelerates experience creation, delivery, and measurement.

Built for the enterprise

Meet the needs for enterprise security, privacy, and compliance, while providing guardrails for brand standards and ethical biases.

Here's what's on the horizon with Sensei GenAI.

  1. Real-Time CDP
  2. Marketo Engage
  3. Journey Optimizer
  4. Experience Manager Assets
  5. Experience Manager Sites
  6. Customer Journey Analytics
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Use real-time profiles and generate new opportunities.

Natural language tools in Adobe Real-Time CDP help teams identify and reach new audiences and meet marketing goals.

  • Audience creation and activation – Use Sensei GenAI to ideate and discover missed segmentation opportunities and to suggest and automatically create new audiences.
  • Generative playbooks – Enhance use-case templates by simulating customer journeys based on past campaign performance and profile preferences.
  • Segment refinement – Use conversational insights to continuously integrate and improve audience definitions and outcomes.

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Generative AI to align marketing and sales.

Sensei GenAI in Adobe Marketo Engage aligns marketing and sales teams with real-time conversational experiences that drive faster time to market, increased pipeline, and more calendared meetings.

  • Generative chat – Turn your chatbot into a brand ambassador as it answers questions in a natural, contextual way that’s infused with your brand’s personality and tone.
  • Conversation summary – Prepare sales agents for meetings and live chat by providing them with conversation summaries that include customer intent, topics discussed, content shared, and campaign goals.
  • Conversation and dialog assist – Automatically generate a full library of topics, questions, and responses for your generative chat and for use by sales reps during live chat conversations.

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Invite generative AI into your customer journeys.

Get AI-enhanced capabilities in Adobe Journey Optimizer that are trained on customer journeys, offers, and experience events to increase engagement with customers.

  • Journey creation with use-case playbooks – Generate journeys with out-of-the-box templates organized by objective, industry, and persona.
  • Omnichannel content – Generate multi-channel content using Adobe Firefly with security and ethics in mind.
  • Copy generation – Automate on-brand copy within the message designer and get recommendations to drive the best outcomes.

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Put asset creation — and every variation — on autopilot.

AI has always been a fantastic feature of Adobe Experience Manager Assets. With the addition of Adobe Firefly with Adobe Express you can create, variate, and scale like never before.

  • Text to image – Use natural language prompts to generate images and assets.
  • Text effects – Stylize and create text effects using your unique descriptions.
  • Asset styles and variations – Instantly generate content variations, changing components such as colors, objects, and scenery.
  • Use and reuse – Resize and adapt content to use across channels, including web, social, email, and mobile.

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Immersive experiences heightened with intelligence.

Adobe Sensei GenAI for Experience Manager Sites provides tools for copywriting, re-writing, summarization and elaboration, and tone of voice changes all within the editing interface. With Sensei GenAI, you can autonomously create content that is:

  • Brand aware – Create content that incorporates brand tone of voice, style guidelines, and other specific requirements.
  • Personalized by audience – Leverage granular content performance insights to personalize for any persona across all channels.
  • Region specific – Go beyond translation and adapt your content based on regional preferences and behavior patterns.
  • Continually optimized – Run experiments to determine which variations perform best and use insights to improve future AI-generated content.

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Sophisticated cross-channel insights simplified with AI workflows.

Customer Journey Analytics brings together cross-channel insights to help marketers see roadblocks and uncover engagement opportunities. Generative AI will power intelligent captions for visualizations, giving brands instant insight.

  • AI assistant – Generate natural language ad-hoc questions to query the data and quickly extract insights, without an analyst.
  • Intelligent Captions – Generate natural language insights that let teams capture the power of data storytelling.
  • Anomaly detection – Quickly find statistically significant, unexpected trends in your data.
  • Text-based insights – Get contextual insights instantly, empowering even novice users to confidently extract insights.

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Meet Firefly for Enterprise.

Get to know the new family of creative generative AI models coming to Adobe.

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Explore Adobe Sensei GenAI for yourself.

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Questions? We have answers.

What is Adobe Sensei GenAI?
Sensei GenAI services use multiple large language models (LLMs) for brands to generate and modify text-based experiences. These services are anchored in Adobe Experience Platform (AEP), which unifies an organization’s data and content under a common language model. Using this rich data set, brands can train generative AI models on proprietary customer insights, customizing output for brand-specific use cases.
Does Adobe Sensei GenAI integrate with Adobe Experience Cloud products?

Yes. Adobe Sensei GenAI services are integrated across the Adobe Experience Cloud product portfolio. Sensei GenAI will help marketers and other customer experience teams boost their productivity without increasing their workloads.

To support use cases — from planning and asset creation to personalization and customer journey management — powerful new features will first be integrated within products including:

Teams will have full creative control to ensure content and experiences are on-brand, along with insights from Adobe to help them understand what resonates most with customers.

What is generative AI?
Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence software that can be used to create content via algorithms. This content can include art and imagery, audio, video, code, text, and simulations. Generative AI models accomplish this by analyzing the vast amount of content available across the internet — or specific databases and platforms — to predict the "best fit" and create an output for a user-entered prompt.
How is generative AI used in marketing?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have been used for years to support anomaly detection, intelligent alerts, and segment IQ to identify unique marketing insights that drive personalized customer experiences at scale.

Now with generative AI, brands can use a more advanced version of machine learning and natural language to gain these valuable insights much easier, streamlining delivery of more accurate, personal customer journeys.

What are AI services?
AI Services — or Artificial Intelligence as a service (AlaaS) — is any service that outsources to third-party AI tools, helping companies explore AI business capabilities at a fraction of the expense of developing in-house AI techniques. Common applications for marketers include personalizing customer experience, scaling content, and generating data insights.