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Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials

Asset management, simplified.

Assets Essentials is an easy way to access the power of Experience Manager Assets from within other Experience Cloud applications, speeding experience creation from concept to design to delivery.

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The benefits of Experience Manager Assets Essentials

Collaborative workspace unites teams
An agile workspace that quickly allows creative and marketing teams to find, preview, edit, and use assets to accelerate experience delivery.

Simplified asset management
AI-supported workflows help teams organize and tag assets so everyone can find and use approved, on-brand assets.

Creative Cloud and Experience Cloud integrations
Instant access to shared assets from within the Creative Cloud and Experience Cloud apps lets teams work in their preferred environment. Integrations include Adobe Workfront and Adobe Journey Optimizer.

Grow-with-you capabilities
Asset management tools to get you up and running quickly, and a path to evolve into more complex DAM use cases in the future.

Cloud-based peace of mind
Adobe cloud-based infrastructure provides the highest security and consumer privacy tools, is globally accessible, and scalable.

Collaborate more easily across teams

A centralized workspace

  • Quickly set up teams with a centralized asset repository
  • Store, share, and manage images, videos, documents, and more
  • Create, assign, track, review, and approve tasks in a collaborative workspaceSupport all file types, including full-sized Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, XD and more
  • Automate software updates to eliminate delays and hiccups from manual upgrades

AI-powered search, discovery, and management

  • Quickly find assets using Adobe Sensei AI search, metadata, and smart tags
  • Saved searches let teams easily repeat common search and reuse settings
  • View, edit, and configure asset metadata and tags
  • Quickly edit and transform images so they stand out on social and other channels
  • Auto-tag images and video with Adobe Sensei smart tags
  • Allow or restrict access to assets with simple permissions and controls
  • Manage digital rights with asset expiration to reduce risk when using licensed assets

Quick and easy, intuitive user interface

  • Teams can access assets through their favorite workspaces — marketers in Experience Cloud, creatives in Creative Cloud
  • Find, edit, and return DAM assets from Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and XD using Asset link
  • Ensure assets are always up to date with version control

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