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We can manage more than 500,000 global assets centrally with Experience Manager, so we decided to integrate the CMS and DAM functions."

Tsuyoshi TanakaManager, Office of Communication Technology, Digital Marketing Center, Kao Corporation Morningstar

“We invested in Adobe Marketing Cloud as the platform that will help us grow and evolve digitally.”  Sarah Bryowsky, Director of Digital Marketing, Zebra

Zebra Technologies Corporation deliver software, hardware, and services throughout the world, so their product asset count is incredibly high. They needed a way to manage those assets efficiently and easily. With Adobe Experience Manager Assets, they’re storing over 130,000 assets and making them easily sharable and reusable across the company.

"I’ve worked in other newsrooms that claim to be web-first, but the Telegraph is the only place that feels like a truly multiplatform newsroom. With Adobe Experience Manager Assets, journalists can upload content and immediately publish it to the web or adapt it for print, mobile apps, and social media feeds.” Chris Taylor, CIO, Telegraph Media Group

Telegraph Media Group is one of the most popular news groups in the world, deliver award- winning journalism since 1885. hey were looking for a way to maintain this leadership status through continued innovation. By using Adobe Experience Assets, they’re rolling out new content and features in weeks instead of months.

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Kao Corporation uses Adobe Experience Manager Assets to centrally store and manage their 500,000 assets for consistent user experiences across the company.

With Adobe, C3 Creative Code and Content can share their digital assets through cloud storage and libraries, streamlining their content delivery processes.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Manager Assets can do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Manager Assets can do for your business.