Adobe Experience Platform Identity Service

Devices don’t buy products. People do.

Each day, you receive countless visits from customers seeking a relationship with your brand. With Adobe Experience Platform Identity Service, you can get to know the people behind the devices. Start recognizing familiar customers across unfamiliar devices — so you can deliver personal experiences every time.


Really know your customers.
Look past a customer’s device and see how people are interacting with your brand.

Personalize for everyone, every time.
Recognize your customers across devices and deliver personalized experiences.

Make your ad spend more efficient.
Apply frequency caps that span all of a customer’s devices instead of just one.


Two options for understanding the people behind devices.

Adobe Experience Platform Identity Service creates identity graphs that represent a database that holds customer profiles and the known identifiers that belong to individual consumers. Across a consumer’s journey, one or many personal identifiers may be associated with an individual. An identity graph is then used to target and personalize messages across user experiences. We offer two methods for creating graphs — Identity Service co-op graph, our membership-based identity graph, and Identity Service private graph, built from a single company’s data. Below, we’ll dig into the details of these two options.

Identity Service Co-op Graph

Personalized experiences for all.

Few brands have a data set with enough breadth, depth, and perspective to accurately connect billions of devices to their respective customers. With Identity Service Co-op Graph, you can make this a reality. We work with the largest global brands to bring this intelligence to Adobe Experience Cloud so that you can interact more personally with your customers.

Learn more about Device Co-op in this video

Tips & Tricks

Reach your customers through retargeting across mobile, tablets, browsers, and other devices they use every day.

Traditional metrics like “new visitor” aren’t entirely accurate, because a single person could visit on multiple devices. Adobe answers that question more accurately, tracking a single user across devices.

Link customer activity across all their devices to craft personalized messages based on total and most recent interactions, not just interactions on one device.

Attribution models often ignore a person’s interactions on multiple devices. With Identity Service, you can apply your attribution model on a complete customer journey instead of siloed experiences.

Move away from disjointed messaging and limited reach. Use Experience Platform Identity Service to extend your reach to all the known devices linked to a person.

Traditional data management platforms can’t scale audience segments when they become too rich with not enough yield. Experience Platform Identity Service remedies this, so you can create richer segments without sacrificing substantial scale.

Take advantage of collective data in Experience Platform Identity Service to apply frequency caps based on the entirety of a person’s experience — not just on one device. This way, you get more from your ad spend as well as better insights.

Experience Platform Identity Service provides more accurate reporting in Adobe Analytics, going beyond metrics like “visitors,” which is confined to a single device, to metrics based on a person across all their devices.

Identify more devices linked to a known customer, which gives Audience Manager access to more traits to build richer audience segments.

Deliver consistent and coherent experiences by allowing marketing teams to deliver experiences to a person, not to a single device.

Get a higher return on your marketing dollars by applying true ad impression limits that apply to a customer as a whole rather than just their devices.

Identity Service Private Graph

Gain a more complete view of the customer journey by maintaining complete control of the device graph. This way, you can build deep, rich profiles and close the attribution loop.

Take advantage of strong forms of identity like PII data that we gather in an anonymized fashion.

Choose stitching channels and platforms how and when you want, so you can engage the right customer with the right message at the right moment.

Use deterministic matching to recognize individuals on various devices with 100 percent accuracy.

Share individual graph data across brands in your family to help strengthen individual graphs or create a broader graph that encompasses all brands.

More privacy with the same level of personalization.

In some cases, a shared solution like a membership-based identity graph may not be the right fit for your brand. If this is the case and you’re focused only on your own first-party dataset, a private identity graph is the right fit for you.

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Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Platform can do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Platform can do for your business.