Cross-channel engagement

Coordinate across multiple native, online, and offline channels to keep your customers engaged — no matter when and where they interact.


Get more engagement throughout complex customer journeys.

Throughout their journey, customers bounce from channel to channel. Despite their unpredictable nature, they demand highly personalized, responsive content at every touchpoint. Meeting customers where they want to be met is a crucial factor in creating an enjoyable, personalized experience that engages and converts.

Managing cross-channel marketing through Adobe Marketo Engage lets you coordinate campaigns from a centralized hub. It allows you to easily set up triggers to launch the next, most relevant piece of content to a customer who attended an event, opened an email, searched for a key piece of information, or shared a piece of content on their social media feed. No matter where your customers are in their journey, Marketo Engage gives you all the built-in channels and capabilities to let you deliver the right message on the right channel at the right time.


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Email marketing

  • Create personalized emails in minutes using proven templates, responsive designs, and a user-friendly editor.
  • Use artificial intelligence (AI) and dynamic content to automatically update messaging with each engagement.
  • Built-in audience and activity listening tools automate real-time delivery in response to a customer’s actions.

Paid media

  • Sync audiences natively across ad networks to re-target anonymous and known site visitors with personalized ads.
  • Integrate lead gen ad forms to automatically ingest submitted data and trigger email and nurture programs.
  • Automatically upload offline marketing conversion data back to paid media tools to optimize ad spend.

Social media

  • Quickly launch sweepstakes, referral campaigns, and other native social-first campaigns.
  • Gather prospects’ information through social ad form fills.
  • Use dashboards to see an overview of your entire social funnel, what content is converting your targeted audience, and how assets are being shared.

Conversational marketing

  • Automate personalized chat conversations based on lead and account data to accelerate qualification and lead velocity.
  • Streamline coordination with sales teams by allowing site visitors to immediately view sales calendars and book meetings with reps.
  • Integrate automated chat into your larger cross-channel marketing automation strategy to trigger external engagement and internal workflows based on chat behavior.

Search engine optimization

  • Analyze how you and your competitors currently rank for important keywords in an easy way.
  • Discover new recommended keywords and backlink opportunities relevant to your existing SEO strategy.
  • Optimize your web pages based on intelligent suggestions and level of impact to improve search ranking.

Event & Webinar Marketing

  • Create, manage, and automate all your online and offline events to scale the entire process including planning, setup, engagement, and measurement before, during, and after each event.
  • Incorporate data from Marketo Engage engagement channels along with data from prebuilt third-party event partner integrations through Adobe Exchange to automate activity and workflows and engage customers during events.
  • Streamline your in-person event check-in process using integrated mobile applications for iOS & Android to physically collect real-time event data as your attendees arrive.

Mobile push notifications

  • Automate in-app messages based on an individual’s contextual actions and current location.
  • Listen for flagged behaviors across devices, notifications, apps, and marketing channels to guide your strategy.
  • Get insights from vital statistics across all your apps such as push engagements, app opens, app installs, and much more.

SMS messaging

  • Manage SMS engagement by segmenting opt-in audiences and triggering personalized, behavior-based text messages.
  • Built-in compliance management lets buyers continue the journey on their channel of choice.
  • See who is engaging with your messages and measure the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns.

Web campaigns

  • Test multiple campaign types in real time to quickly understand what converts your visitors at a higher rate.
  • Personalize for higher conversion with demographic, geographic, and behavioral data and full customer profiles.

Landing pages and forms

  • Create and test landing pages that dynamically personalize messaging and content based on known and anonymous site visitors.
  • Hit the ground running with fully responsive design templates, forms, and drag-and-drop editing tools to ensure the same personalization as your emails.
  • Leverage a single form across multiple landing pages along with progressive profiling to save time and optimize form fills.

Intelligent cross-channel nurturing

  • Engage and nurture individual customer relationships over long periods of time.
  • Prioritize the right content and set the right cadence across nurture streams based on how you want to qualify each lead in each stream.
  • Set custom transition rules to advance your leads across streams based on custom rules, activity, or inactivity.

Interactive Webinars

  • Setup, deliver, and host engaging webinar sessions in a matter of minutes using built-in, end-to-end virtual event marketing capabilities in combination with Marketo Engage’s industry-leading automaton engine.
  • Interact with webinar attendees using polls, Q&A, surveys, hand-raising, chat, and content downloads to maximize engagement and collect more than just registration and attendance data.
  • Act on the rich webinar activity data in a matter of minutes to quickly personalize content, trigger follow-up nurture programs, influence lead and account scores, and update audience segments for timely follow-up engagement.

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