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Audiences are unique and they deserve unique experiences that are fast and secure. It’s easy to deliver those with Adobe Audience Manager. Look through these IT resources for Adobe Audience Manager, starting with our point of view on IT in the experience era and moving on to technical resources.

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Adobe Analytics FAQs for IT.

How does Adobe Audience Manager handle Personally Identifiable Information (PII)?

Adobe Audience Manager is configured to reject most PII from customers. Audience Manager does accept records with PII data as long as that data is hashed or anonymised before being onboarded. Plus, Audience Manager strictly uses pseudonymous ID synchronisation methods when collecting web visitor data.

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How has Adobe Audience Manager been architected for scalability?

Adobe Audience Manager has a track record of handling millions of records on a regular basis, with some customers processing almost terabytes of data nightly. We’ve designed Audience Manager to support the monthly growth in data your business experiences. And during peak times, Audience Manager regularly handles 4 million requests a minute and typically operates with excess capacity of 3-10x at its regional data shops.

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How much effort is required to implement data collection in Adobe Audience Manager?

Adobe Audience Manager comes with a JavaScript library that enables live data collection of activity on your website, declared ID targeting to allow exchanging and synchronising user IDs from devices and browsers that don’t accept third-party cookies and third-party pixel synchronisation for retargeting. You can deploy Audience Manager directly onto your web pages simply with a tag management solution. And if you use Adobe Experience Platform Launch, your implementation will be even simpler.

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Do Adobe Audience Manager requests impact web page performance?

We’ve designed Audience Manager to minimise potential impact on your environment’s performance. Audience Manager has tested at an average latency of 5 milliseconds from the edge of our data centres. On average, Audience Manager handles 175,000 queries per second, but it has peaked at over 300,000 queries per second.

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