Email Reporting

Use built-in reports in Adobe Campaign to quickly analyse email delivery and engagement data and share the reports on an automated or recurring basis. Email delivery data can also be exported to Adobe Analytics or other tools for further visualisation and analysis.


Email is effective. But only when it’s read.

You need to make informed decisions to improve your email campaigns and data can empower you to do it. But organising all your data in a way that’s easy to digest requires the right reporting tools.

The email reporting feature in Adobe Campaign lets you quickly generate detailed reports and analyse delivery and customer engagement data. However you use the data, our reporting feature lets you understand how your emails drive customer behaviour on other channels, how to optimise your email campaigns for success and how to understand delivery performance by ISP, device type or inbox provider.


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Robust reporting
Use ready-made reports to help you quickly summarise and analyse email delivery and engagement data. Customise any of the reporting templates or define your own success metrics based on the KPIs that matter the most to your business.

Campaign + Analytics integration
Pass delivery data from Campaign to view with other digital analytics metrics in Analysis Workspace in Adobe Analytics for cross-channel reporting.

Customise your reports in different ways — share the data with colleagues on an automated or recurring basis or export it for further visualisation and customised analysis.

Real-time insights
Filter by device, location, inbox type or customer segment. Get actionable real-time insights so you can immediately understand how and when customers interact with your emails.

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Get the details on dynamic reports.

Find out how to monitor your campaigns with dynamic reports that are real time and customisable in our tutorial video.

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Learn from examples.

See how Travelocity discovers what content appeals to customers and sends more personalised emails in this customer video.

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