Robust Video Support

Deliver the right video quality to the right device and bandwidth — be it SD or HD — automatically. Start with a master file and dynamic video automates highly technical processes to meet any need, quality, size or experience — without relying on IT.


Perform technical video processes. No IT degree required.

Preparing video to stream on multiple devices requires preparing it in multiple sizes and bandwiths. And, more often than not, calling in IT reinforcements to help.

But not any more. With robust video support, you can deliver high-quality video experiences using a suite of components that are marketer-friendly. Forget all the complicated technical work. Just start with a master file and dynamic video does the rest, ensuring your users get consistent, unbroken video playback on any device and over any bandwidth. Cover both desktop and mobile with included HTML5-based players. You can customise these players to meet any need, from behaviours (like auto play and looping) to appearance. With Dynamic Media and AEM Assets, you can easily tackle rich video experiences like 360 degree video. And you can do it all without requiring technical expertise or involving IT or Engineering.


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Right thumbnail for the right experience (NEW)
Choose the exact point in the video to create your own thumbnail or use machine learning to intelligently select the best thumbnail.

360 Video (NEW)
Seamlessly manage and deliver 360-degree videos to create compelling and immersive experiences.

Auto-sizing and sharing for any device
Create one video and automatically size it for any device and share across social media channels like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube with simple transcoding and delivery.

Shoppable and interactive video
Associate segments of your video with calls-to-action by using interactive tools, including the option of splitting and combining video segments.


Learn more about robust video support in Adobe Experience Manager Assets.

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See how to deliver rich media experiences, including shoppable video, on any screen.

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Become a video player expert.

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