Future-proof your business with enhanced commerce capability

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Moving at speed matters in business, now more than ever before. As typical routes to market have been disrupted, innovative B2B businesses have moved quickly to open up new channels to market by selling direct to consumer. At the same time innovative B2C and B2B businesses are laying the groundwork to prepare for an uncertain future by digitising face to face channels and shifting to multi-inventory sourcing locations.

If you’re ready to make sure your business is perfectly positioned to thrive, no matter what the future holds, view this webinar for the key criteria needed to assess the best commerce solution for you and practical steps that you can take immediately to make an impact.

Why attend this webinar?

View this webinar to hear from business and industry leaders from Signet, Microsoft and Deloitte Digital who have successfully protected businesses by:

- Opening up new digital revenue streams.
- Expanding their channels to market by going direct to consumer.
- Putting plans in place to make sure they’re ready for any future disruptions.
- Boosting their revenue, despite the challenges in the current climate.

Intended audience:

B2B and B2C businesses that: 

- Have lost brick and mortar sales channels and need to digitise
- Rely on a face to face sales engagement
- Need a more enhanced commerce capability than they already have
- Source their manufacturing from multi locations to de-risk

Digital, Commerce, IT and Sales Decision Makers and Practitioners


Scout Rigby

Adobe Host: Scott Rigby
Principle Product Marketing Manager,
Adobe Commerce Cloud

Suzie Young

Suzie Young
Head of Digital and Direct Marketing

Marcella Larsen

Marcella Larsen
Retail Industry Executive

John BouAntoun

John BouAntoun
Commerce Practice Lead
Deloitte Digital

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