The student experience doesn’t start on campus, it starts online.


Catch up on the 2023 digital trends.

Learn why a creative approach will help you to keep up with the ever-changing needs of customers and how it’s done in the 2023 Adobe Digital Trends report.

See how we are delivering amazing Higher Education Experiences 

Adobe works with RMIT online to drive the Universities digital transformation experience to create a joyous student experience.

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swinburne university

Learn how Swinburne University uses Adobe marketing tools to attract students and as a component of their digital media advertising degree.

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Deakin University and Adobe are working together to understand where students are in the decision making journey  to serve the right content at the right time. 

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Prep your university and your students for the future.


From admissions marketing to student retention to alumni engagement, only Adobe handles the multiple challenges facing higher education. Your school represents a lifetime brand. Our tools help you live up to that promise by delivering exceptional experiences to increase applications for enrolment, graduation rates and fundraising efforts. And when you infuse our applications like video and web design into your curriculum, you create a digitally-literate student population. One that differentiates your university and is ready for the future.


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prep your university and your students for the future

Your K-12 students are digital. Make sure you are, too.


Kids today live and breathe technology. We can help you to develop media-rich coursework to keep them engaged. But more importantly, Adobe Creative and Document Clouds provide students with first-hand experience using our digital creation tools — giving them practical skills while also developing critical thinking and communication skills. For education suppliers and independent schools, our digital marketing solutions will amplify lead-generation efforts, deliver consistent experiences and increase conversion.

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your k-12 students are digital. make sure you are, too.

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