Be everywhere at once with adaptable experiences.

Reaching customers requires a “be everywhere” strategy — online, in print, and at the point of sale. Adaptable experiences let you create content once and easily repurpose it to other channels — whether it’s your own website, email, single page apps or IoT apps, or any screen type of your choice.

Let your content flow everywhere.

With an increasing number of channels that you need to support to reach your customers, being able to create and manage experiences across multiple channels and touchpoints in the customer journey can feel overwhelmingly hard. But with a hybrid CMS, you can easily extend your digital presence beyond your website to the Internet of Things, in-venue signage, single-page apps, and progressive web apps.

Execute on your digital strategy effortlessly with the ability to optimally deliver experiences across a wide range of mature and emerging channels. And, use reusable and self-contained adaptable experiences that can exist across all channels — paid, owned, and earned — to create content quickly and easily as well as manage different variations of content based on delivery channel, audience segment, or other business rules.

With a hybrid CMS (headed and headless), you can deliver digital experiences from one central environment and a unified, extensible platform. Letting your content flow to every channel, device, and customer.

Adobe can help.

Adobe Experience Manger is all about empowering your marketing and IT teams to deliver amazing digital experiences. With adaptable experiences this is now easier to do. Powered by content fragments, experience fragments, and our content services, it’s easy to repurpose content for any channel, including web, mobile, voice, screens, IoT, single page apps, and more.

Marketing can do their thing — changing content on the website quickly and easily. And, automatically update content on all owned channels without needing to code. IT can do their thing too — working on applications and pushing content to non-affiliated channels like IoT apps or point of sale kiosks. But the biggest benefit of all is that for your customers, their digital experience is fluid and effortless — your content is simply there. No matter the device.

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“Adobe Experience Manager gives us a central platform for delivering digital experiences that are relevant across all local customer touchpoints.”

Oliver Simmerstatter, Enterprise Architect, SPAR ICS

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Content as a service

Let users programmatically access the Experience Manager Sites content repository and get content for delivery to many third-party applications, including mobile apps, IoT apps, smart devices, and in-store screens.


Let developers query content using GraphQL with an API to access just the content they need in apps to reduce network requests and improve the app experience.

Single-page app editing

Edit and manage single-page applications (SPAs) built on open-source frameworks like React and Angular with the same drag-and-drop editor you use for websites.

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