Cloud Service

A secure and scalable foundation for Adobe Experience Manager.

Every company is challenged to digitally transform the customer experience across every touchpoint. To do so, you need a platform that’s agile, scalable and globally accessible.

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Cloud Service helps you to stay ahead of rising customer expectations.

Customers expect personalised, connected experiences across all the channels they’re using to interact with your brand — and they want the right content in exactly the right moment.

To deliver those connected, continuous experiences, you need a modern, purpose-built platform for experience management. Cloud Service gives you just that — a digital foundation that’s always current, scalable and accessible.

Experience Manager is extensible and customisable to meet your unique business requirements. And with all the benefits of a cloud-native architecture, you can count on innovation velocity to build, test and launch new initiatives quickly. Gain the ability to ideate fast, with reliable performance and security that gives you peace of mind.

With Cloud Service, you can worry less, innovate more and grow faster.

Focus on designing better customer experiences instead of planning for product updates, since your team always has continuous access to the latest experience management innovations. A modular architecture — designed to auto-scale within seconds — lets you optimise for specific use cases while maintaining peak performance.

The Cloud Service environment is preconfigured and tested to meet enterprise security best practices and industry-recognised certifications. It’s also protected against outages and disasters with built-in redundancy and proactive monitoring.

Cloud Service makes it easy to scale as your business grows. We’ll equip you with proven best practices and tools to help you to manage and deliver assets at scale, as well as developer tools that let you quickly build and launch new websites and apps. You can also depend on cloud experts to help you to take advantage of the latest innovations -- delivered seamlessly, right when they are available. You'll always be up to date on the latest Experience Manager.



Always current

Focus on innovating instead of planning for version upgrades. New experience management capabilities are seamlessly validated and made accessible to your teams instantly.

Modular, scalable and global

Scale as fast as your customers demand. Maintain high performance globally with an architecture designed to auto-scale within seconds.

Secure by default

Security is at our core. We provide enterprise-gradient security with industry recognised standards to ensure all data and content is private and protected.

Performance resiliency

Built-in redundancy and proactive monitoring capabilities provide mission-critical service level availability and protect against unpredictable cloud outages.

Grows with your business

Adobe Experience Manager has a simple pricing model and metrics that provide predictability and flexibility as your business grows.

Managed Services - for enterprise-grade managed cloud needs.

Our industry-leading managed services combines the scale and expertise that comes from running hundreds of Adobe Experience Manager customers in the cloud. Managed Services enables cloud agility, drives faster ROI and provides a lower cost of ownership. Our cloud experts help you to optimise the benefits of being cloud-native, from scaling environments to providing a seamless upgrade experience to transforming to a fully cloud-native future.

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