Go beyond the obvious questions with deep data analysis.

When it comes to data insights, Adobe is once again a data analysis pioneer — this time, enabling product teams to dive deeper into data to uncover deeper insights. Analysis Workspace in Adobe Product Analytics provides a wide variety of data that allows for flexibility.

Can your product teams uncover the insights below the surface?

Today, product teams generally have two options for getting the insights they need. They either send requests to an analyst’s backlogue and wait for omnichannel insights or they have to self-serve insights from a single digital channel.

If product teams don’t have self-serve functionality, they have to wait days or even weeks, for the deep insights they need. If they have follow-up questions, that could mean a longer wait time. This leads to fewer insights, fewer data-driven decisions and fewer opportunities to optimise the product experience.

If product teams are able to self-serve data, it’s often from an interface that can only answer simple questions about a single dataset. Teams aren’t able to do any in-depth analysis on their own and they have no insights into what role their product plays in the broader customer experience.


Adobe can help.

Product Analytics lets you go beyond surface-level data questions. You can start with a self-serve guided analysis. Then, if you want to dive further into the data, just click "Open in Workspace" and your analysis carries over to Analysis Workspace. There you can leverage all the power of our most advanced capabilities to continue asking deeper questions and collaborate with your analysts. Analysis Workspace (the industry’s most powerful advanced analysis tool) paired with easy-to-use guided analyses is a powerful tool for all users and will help you to get the insights you need.

See how deep data gets put to work.