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Best of Adobe SUMMIT
Telco Edition



Telecoms are in the business of connectivity. As customers shift to digital only channels and customer journeys evolve, telcos are driven to redefine their customer interactions. This accelerated shift is driving a mandate to gain insights from their data, create seamless interactions between online and offline channels, and anticipate their customer needs to build trust and deepen relationships.

CX expectations have changed with digital marketing. Customers expect telecom brands to offer multichannel engagement. Telco marketers are expected to maintain simple and clear communications across multiple digital and offline channels. CX excellence helps brands acquire new subscribers, reduce churn rate and increase stickiness, with customer data and hyper-personalization key to success.

Join Varun Kapoor, Practice Lead, and Rit Gandharv, Principal strategist, to learn more about what Telcos are doing to create great experiences.

Why attend this webinar?

At the Best of Adobe Summit – Telco Edition, you discover:

- Key digital trends in the industry and how you can leverage these trends to capture value    
- Redefining customer-centric experiences for telecommunications
- The Future of Hyper-Personalization and Omni-channel strategy
- Creating a Roadmap for CDP Selection and Success

Intended audience

- Decision Makers and Practitioners


Rit Gandharv

Rit Gandharv
Principal, Digital Strategy Group, APAC
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Varun Kapoor

Varun Kapoor
Practice Lead, Digital Strategy Group, APAC
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