Remarketing Triggers

Our robust set of triggers lets marketers identify, define, and monitor key consumer behaviors, and then generate cross-solution communication like email to reengage visitors.


Remarketing has been remade.

When you think of remarketing triggers, the obvious example of a customer abandoning their shopping cart comes to mind. As useful as basic triggers like this are, they are a drop in the bucket when it comes to the potential remarking has in a truly data-driven business. Many email or campaign management solutions have basic triggers available, but to launch a a really effective, cross-channel remarketing program, you need more.

Adobe Analytics lets you set up remarketing triggers that take advantage of all your data in real time. And when paired with Adobe Campaign, you act almost immediately so your remarketing messages are sent at exactly the right time.

Cart abandonment

Configure fast remarketing for cart abandons or cart abandons with products removed.

Action triggers

Set up triggers to fire after newsletter signups, email subscriptions, credit card applications, loyalty program applications, and more.

Efficient integration

Swiftly integrate Adobe Analytics and Adobe Campaign to get your remarketing strategies up and running quickly.