Unique Processing Rules

Our server-side approach to processing and populating report variables and defining visitor segmentation rules allows you to create real-time segmentation of all online data without creating complex rules on your site.


Close the gap between data collection and real-time analysis.

With all the data you’re collecting, it’s important to process it quickly and flexibly so you can analyze it when you need it. While the collection of data obviously has to happen in the individual channels, processing the data there isn’t the best idea. For one thing, it takes time when setting up your implementations to set and change rules for each individual channel. But more problematic is the fact that doing so most likely requires the help of IT. And while they may be happy to help, they likely have a list of other tasks in the queue and it might take months to get to changing your rules.

By processing your data on the server side, Adobe Analytics bypasses these problems. You can set specific rules guiding how the data is processed without relying on IT or manually changing tags. Processing data on the server also means you can dig into the data in real-time, without having to go back and create new reports.

Powerful data segmentation

Segment your data in a variety of ways. Launch campaigns designed to encourage a desired action. Segment by domain names, URL patterns, or directories. Or segment based on user-related data, such as a cookie value passing in a variable, IP address, operating system, browser type or version, or the value of any variable populated via implementation.

Visitor segmentation

Segment visitors on the fly based upon data found in variables or querystring parameters. For example, if your website has a form in which visitors are required to enter birth year, state, and gender, you can write a detailed rule that will evaluate the responses and assign the visitor into a segment by passing a segment name (i.e., “Middle-Aged Midwestern Women”) to custom variables on-the-fly.

Faster, better implementation

With processing rules, you can set up Adobe Analytics more quickly and efficiently and easily ensure it meets all your needs. And by putting control of processing rules in your hands, you can be sure that all your reports reflect the data you want and not mistakes made in a client-side implementation.


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